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The Defender's Study Bible Notes for e-Sword
Dr. Henry M. Morris
Master Books
PRICE:    $19.99
*Format:    e-Sword

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The Defender's Study Bible Notes from Dr. Henry Morris -- Now for e-Sword!

(This is a Commentary resource, with 21 additional appendices under Reference Books)

This acclaimed resource provides a solid defense of the accuracy, integrity, and inspiration of the Bible, a seven-day creation, and Jesus as God's incarnate Son. Now every Bible student can understand and defend the critical issues of their faith. It is full of insights and facts that every believer needs know. Written in a style that is easy to understand and read, it includes great study helps for archaeology, reference, and life application. Dr. Morris's views on the validity of literal Bible interpretation and the infallibility of the Bible are represented eloquently throughout the more than 6000 annotations. He strives to explain difficult passages in a clear and concise manner. He refuses to compromise in order to maintain the authority of true biblical Christianity and doctrine, and applies what the Bible says to modern life.

One of the greatest aspects of this study Bible is its clear views on controversial matters. Where other study Bibles and other commentators will take a neutral stance, Morris clearly presents what he believes to be the truth--what the biblical authors meant. Then he tactfully and thoroughly defends his beliefs while presenting and disproving those of others.

"The Bible does have the answer; its gospel can be defended; and it is hoped that this Defender's Study Bible will prove of significant help in this great cause to those who use it. Its annotations explain the Bible's difficult passages, resolve its alleged contradictions, point out the evidences of its divine origin, confirm its historical accuracy, note its remarkable anticipations of modern science, demonstrate its fulfilled prophecies and in general remove any doubts about its inerrancy, its authority and its ability to meet every human need."—Dr. Henry M. Morris

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Special Features:


"Dr. Henry Morris, our generations foremost spokesman for biblical creationism, has given students and teachers an invaluable tool for the defense of the Christian faith...matters related to geology, earth history, astronomy, biology, and other sciences. Dr. Morris' clear insight and doctrinal integrity combine to make this one of the most helpful study Bibles available." Dr. John MacArthur, Jr.- Author and President of Master's College and Seminary

"No other study Bible offers a more direct or immediate scientific and doctrinal foundation for biblical creationism and biblical infallibility." Dr. Tim LayHaye - Author, President of Tim LaHaye Ministries

"This now-classic study Bible is very unique, not only due to its strong emphasis on apologetics but also because it highlights the foundational truths of Genesis in the other 65 books. Dr of my heroes of the faith, takes an uncompromising stand on the literal six days of creation and a young earth." Ken Ham - President and CEO of Answers in Genesis, The Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter.

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The Defender's Study Bible Notes for e-Sword

5 stars
Amazingly Clear and Concise (11/24/2020)
Reviewed by (Ken Russell, Sydney, NSW, Australia) - The Defender's Study Bible Notes for e-Sword

I am greatly enjoying this commentary and I rank it at the very top of my collection. It is a faithful exposition of God's Word from a seven day creation perspective. It will help in understanding the importance of creation in the overall presentation of the gospel.

5 stars
Incredible! (11/24/2020)
Reviewed by (Robert Scull, Pittsgrove, NJ) - The Defender's Study Bible Notes for e-Sword

There is a massive amount of Bible Study Notes and Appendixes. I own numerous digital Study Bibles. This is now my go to Study Bible. Thank you eSword for making this wonderful resource available.


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