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Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to the most common questions asked by our customers. Please see the list of questions below before contacting support or customer service. Click on any question to go to the answer.
What if I need to redownload a purchased resource?
In e-Sword v. 10.2 or later: Click on "Download", select the category and premium resource you wish to download. Enter your email and product key and click on "Validate." Your key must match the key you were issued at purchase, and your email must match the email used at time of purchase, including upper/lower case.

If you need to recover your Product Keys from eStudySource.com: Your account(s) at our site contain(s) copies of your receipts, including your product key(s) and download link(s) (subject to publisher licenses) for redownloading your resource(s) if needed. You may access your account(s) at our site using the information you used to set up your account(s) at no cost. It does not matter if your original account email is not currently active. Login using the email and password in your account at time of purchase. To access your receipts, LOGIN, then click on MY ACCT.> VIEW ORDERS> VIEW ORDER RECEIPTS.

If your original email is still active, and you need to recover your account password, there is a password recovery option on the LOGIN page, which will send your password to the email address used to set up the account(s). If you prefer to have your product key emailed to you and your original account email is still active, click on MY ACCT.> VIEW ORDERS> PRODUCT KEY RECOVERY, and the key will be sent to the email used at time of purchase. You do NOT need to have the product key emailed to you. Simply access your receipt in your account at our site to see your key.

Please note that your purchases are tied to the email you used in your account at the time you made your purchases. You will need to use that email to unlock your resource and reinstall. It does not have to be an active email . Changing the email in your account does NOT change the email tied to your previous purchases.

If you have not kept a record of your original account(s) information or you have changed your email and/or password and thus cannot access your account(s) or redownload your resources, we can still help you. Let us know your physical address and the last 4 digits of the credit card used at time of purchase and we will do our best to find the information for you. We cannot guarantee being able to find an account if your personal information has changed and you cannot recall what you used in your account.
What if the product key doesn't work to unlock my purchase?
To unlock your resource you must enter your email exactly the way you set up your account, including upper/lower case. The product code must also match exactly the code you were sent. Note that the first character of the product code is a LETTER not a number; e.g. the letter "I" might be mistaken for the number "1" and the letter "B" might be mistaken for a number "8." Try typing in all the requested information if you were trying to copy and paste or using an "autofill" program.
What if I get a message that the download is corrupt or is "malware?"
Security via the internet is an ever-changing science. From time to time, some adware or anti-virus programs may incorrectly suggest that the files we are transmitting are "corrupt" or "malware". You will need to temporarily disable the security software that is blocking your installation. Once your installation is complete, you can re-activate your security software.
What if only part of the resource or bundle installs (e.g. NIV Family or Vines OT/NT)?
Simply reinstall your resource to allow all module components to install. If you need to re-download these resources, you may access your account at any time to re-download your resources or retrieve your product keys. Use the built-in Downloader in e-Sword.
Can I install a second copy of my resource?
You may install your resource on another computer or device if it is for YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY. If another person uses them, it is a violation of the publisher's copyright, and you'll need to purchase another copy for that use. Please see our Terms of Use for more information. Use the built-in downloader in e-Sword software. You may access your account at any time to retrieve your product keys. The LOGIN button is at the top right of our Home page. Simply LOGIN to your account at our site, click on MY ACCT., then on VIEW ORDERS and then on VIEW ORDER RECEIPT. You will need to use the same email you used to set up your account at the time you made your purchases.
What if I don't see my resources in e-Sword?
First, be sure to restart e-Sword software after your download. Next, determine if your purchase was a Topic Note or Reference Book resource (e.g., the resources in our BACKGROUNDS category, including: The Bible Teacher's Commentary; Nelson's New Bible Manners & Customs; etc.). If you successfully downloaded the Topic Note/Reference resource into your e-Sword software, you'll need to click on the Reference tab and then go to the pull down tab to find the resource in the alphabetical list. See e-Sword's Training Page for FREE demos and Training Manual for e-Sword Bible Software.
What is your refund policy?
Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds on digital content because the digital inks, file(s), and product key(s) are automatically transferred to you upon purchase, and remain active. We are accountable to publishers for ensuring copyright protections for their content including the accounting of all transactions. The formats for all our resources are clearly shown on our site, including the product title itself, the format description for each product, the category page, product page, shopping cart page, and checkout page. Please review the items in your cart carefully during the checkout process. System and hardware/software requirements are detailed on our FAQ page.
What kinds of digital formats are available?
We offer bestselling Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and other Bible study resources in e-Sword format, the most popular Bible software program in the world.
How do I find the resource I need?
Our bestselling digital content is accessible through categories, subcategories, or by searching the site. Simply click on the category links on the home page or enter the title, author, publisher, or format in the search box. The product description page for each resource contains a complete description of the resource as well as sample screen shots.
What software do I need to read and use the resources?
e-Sword Bible software is required to install and read the e-Sword compatible resources on this site. It is the world's most popular Bible software.

e-Sword for PC
e-Sword X for Mac
e-Sword HD for iPad
e-Sword LT for iPhone
e-Sword for Android
How do I purchase resources online?
Select the title or cover image you wish to purchase. Click on "Add to cart." You may add as many resources to your cart as you wish, but you may only purchase one copy of each resource per order. If you do not have an account at our site, please do so when directed. When you are finished selecting the titles you want, click on "Checkout" and follow the checkout instructions. You may use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or checkout using your PayPal account for your purchase by clicking on the appropriate links on the Checkout page.
Can I purchase by phone?
Unfortunately, we are unable to take phone orders at this time, but you may pay by mail if you prefer not to purchase online.
How do I download and install my purchased product?
After making a purchase from estudysource.com, you will receive an email. The email includes your Order Receipt which you should print for your records and it also includes the purchased Product Title(s) and your Product Key(s) to unlock your title(s).

To download a module, use the built-in Downloader in e-Sword software on your device. Follow the steps below:

  • On a PC: Download>Category e.g. "Bible"> select
  • On a Mac running X: File>Resources>Download>Category e.g. "Bible"> select>Download button
  • On an iPad running HD: Resource tab>Category e.g. "Bible"> select>Download button
  • On an iPhone running LT: Menu>Download>Category e.g. "Bible"> select>Download button
  • On Android: Menu>Download>Category e.g. "Bible"> select>Download button
  • Then:
    1. Enter your eStudySource account email & product key
    2. Click “Validate"
    3. If no instant install, Select "Download>Start" in Downloader menu
    4. Restart e-Sword if needed
    5. e-Sword Help: Android, PC, X, HD, LT
What if I didn't receive the email with my Product Key(s)?
To ensure you receive your receipt and product codes, be sure to whitelist (aka "approve") our domain name estudysource.com in your email filter program. Otherwise, you may not receive what you need to unlock your purchases. If your spam filter is set too high, you may not receive emails from our server. Try resetting your filters and searching your spam folder for the email from estudysource.com. If you cannot find the email, you may access your account at any time after making a purchase by logging in to our site using your account email and password. After logging in, click on MY ACCT. at the top right of the home page. Then click on VIEW ORDERS and then View Order Receipt, which will list your product keys. Use the built-in downloader in e-Sword to download or redownload as needed.
How do I delete an e-Sword module I installed?
You can delete a resource by selecting "Options, Resource" from the e-Sword menu. Right-click over the resource you want to remove, then choose the "Delete" popup menu item. Confirm, and it is gone.
What if I am having problems with downloading or installing?
Do not use the MSN browser as it is unable to navigate the web site properly. Disable any download manager you might be using and see if that helps. Sometimes a firewall prevents the downloading of files. Review the FAQ's on this Help Page first to see if you can find your answers there. If not, please submit any questionsHERE and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please include your full name, email used to purchase from our site, and your order number(s) in your email.
I didn't download my product before - how can I download it now?
How do I use e-Sword with the resources?
For online demos and detailed help on how to use e-Sword Bible software, go to e-Sword's Training Page
How are the resources protected?
Resources available on eStudySource are copyright protected and embedded with reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution. Levels of restrictions are dependent on the formats and the access assigned by the publishers and rights holders of the resources. Most resources are digitally encrypted so they can only be opened in a designated type of software (such as e-Sword) and are protected from being freely distributed (copy-protected).

Depending on the type of reader software, the resource file is either encrypted to a specific computer or device (meaning it can only be read on that computer or device) or it is encrypted to a specific user's account (meaning it can be read on any device or computer which contains that user's secret account information).

If a resource has been protected for only one person to read, then ! consumers download the file to their computer and must read the resource on that computer (or on other devices containing their secret account information). Copies of the resource can only be read on authorized computers or by authorized users.
What are the Terms of Use for this site and the Resources?
By using this site and purchasing resources from our sites, you agree to honor and protect the copyright of these resources by using them for personal use only and not distributing the files or attempting to open them without purchasing the required unlocking key from our sites. Doing so is a violation of U.S. copyright laws.

You may install the resources you have purchased on a secondary computer IF IT IS FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY.

These resources are provided by third parties, such as publishers, to eStudySource for sale and distributio! n, and eStudySource makes no warranty or claim regarding the content, usability, or ongoing availability of the resources. Please see our Terms of Use policy for additional information.

How do I open and use my purchased resources?
All resources must be opened and read with the software for which they were designed. In other words, an e-Sword resource must be opened with e-Sword software. It is the world's most popular Bible software.
How do I download updated versions of my purchased resources?
If a free updated version is made available of a resource you purchased previously at our site, you may replace your previous version at no additional cost by downloading the revised version using the built-in e-Sword Downloader (subject to publisher licenses).
How Do I Make a Gift Purchase?
Its quick and easy to send a gift item with your FREE personal note from our site! You can choose a FREE eCard template for your gift message, like these samples:
Any Occasion Streamers Birthday Gift Boxes Christmas 1
1. Add your gift item(s) to your Shopping Cart and Click on the SEND AS GIFT box next to each of your gift item(s) in your cart, then click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
2. Select your FREE eCard template for your gift message.
3. Enter the recipient's name and email along with your gift note, and click CONFIRM.
4. Make any needed edits, then click on APPROVED - PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

When you complete checkout, your gift recipient will receive an email Gift Receipt with your personal gift note to them, along with their product key(s) and download links, which will not show the prices of the items. If they do not have an account at our site, our system will create one for them and their Gift Receipt will note their account email and temporary password, allowing them to download and install their gift item(s). Their Gift Receipt will als! o be placed in their account at our site. You will receive a Purchase Receipt showing your items purchased, prices, and recipient information, but not the product key(s). The system will also place this receipt information in your account at our site. Gift items are NOT refundable to purchaser or to recipient, so please make your selections carefully.
Missing Gift Purchase?
If the intended recipient of a gift purchase has not received their email receipt containing their link(s) and product key(s), here are possible reasons:
  • the email entered during the gift purchase was inaccurate or is not active.
  • the recipient either accidentally deleted the e-mail or their system is filtering eStudySource.com emails as spam. The recipient should check their spam folders to find the missing email.
  • Users of ISPs such as AOL and Hotmail have the option of blocking all e-mail messages that originate outside of their domain. If your gift recipient uses those services, be sure to have them add "ess.orders@estudysource.com" to their contacts or address book and add ""estudysource.com"" to their whitelist of approved email senders in advance of making your gift purchase.
If these solutions do not resolve the conflict, please have the intended recipient contact us here and we will assist them. They will need to provide the name and email address of the gift purchaser. Alternatively, the gift purchaser may contact us here with the order number, intended recipient's name, account email, and updated email (if account email is inactive), and we will contact and assist the gift recipient.
What if I need to change my account email address or password?
You may update your personal information in your account at any time by LOGGING in to your account at our site and clicking on EDIT ACCOUNT INFORMATION. However, please note: your purchases are permanently tied to email in your account at time of purchase. If you need to reinstall your previously purchased resources, you'll need to input the previous email address during install. So be sure to print and keep copies of all your receipts and email addresses you used when you purchased them. If you prefer, you may also set up a new account with your new email. Purchases under the new account will be unlocked with the new email address.

If you have not kept a record of your original account(s) information or you have changed your email and/or password and thus cannot access your account(s) or redownload your resources, we can still help you. Let us know your physical address and the last 4 digits of the credit card used at time of purchase and we will do our best to find the information for you. We cannot guarantee being able to find an account if your personal information has changed and you cannot recall what you used in your account.
How do I link to eStudySource.com?
Do you have a website? If so, please help get the Word out by linking to us from your site. To put a link on your site, you can copy and paste the following URLs onto your page:

eStudySource.com: www.eStudySource.com

If you'd like to use our logo for your link, you can copy and paste this image link on your site:
eStudySource.com for eSword
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