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Dake's Study Notes
Finis Dake
Dake Publishing
PRICE:    $29.99
*Format:    e-Sword

Now for

The Annotated Study Bible Notes from Finis Dake - Now Available for e-Sword!

A foundational work from a pentecostal/charismatic and dispensational perspective. Some of the author's views are considered to be controversial, but Dake's contains a treasure trove of Bible study insights, background information, lists, outlines, and applications useful for Bible teachers, preachers and all Bible students. 

Note: This resource includes both Commentary and Reference Book content.

From the author's Introduction: "The purpose of this work is to give in ONE volume the helps a student of the Bible needs from many books—Bible Commentaries, Dictionary, complete Concordance, Dispensational Truth, Topical Text Book, Bible Synthesis, Doctrines, Prophetic Studies, and others.

Special features include nearly 9,000 informative chapter and verse headings; 500,000 cross-references throughout 35,000 notes and comments; a summary of interesting facts for each Book; and lists of all the commands, prophecies, promises, prayers, questions, sins, apostasies, complaints, failures, plagues, judgments, healings, wars, miracles, assassinations, kings, queens, dukes, lakes, rivers, farm products, valleys, mountains, cities, empires, nations, etc.

Thousands of texts are amplified and there are many renderings from various versions. Important Hebrew and Greek words are given with definitions and various ways translated. Obsolete and difficult English words are defined.

Parables, types, symbols, fables, allegories, figures of speech and numerous idioms are dealt with. Alleged contradictions and seeming difficulties of the text are made clear. Bible and secular history are harmonized as well as the Gospels.

There are enlightening notes on astronomy, bible animals, reptiles, birds, insects, trees, plants, minerals, precious stones, weights, measures, coin values, and other things which will enrich the reader's enjoyment of the Word of God. Modern-day costs are given for the tabernacle of Moses, Solomon's temple, and the sacrifices wherever they are mentioned throughout Scripture.

Of particular interest to ministers will be the wealth of sermon material in the 3,400 note-columns—over 8,000 outlines on a great variety of subjects, and 2,000 illustrations.

The general principle adhered to throughout is that of literalizing instead of spiritualizing. Statements of fact and historical accounts are accepted as such. THE RULE OBSERVED IS: Take the Bible literally wherein it is at all possible; if symbolic, figurative or typical language is used, then look for the literal truth it intends to convey.

During the author's 100,000 hours in 43 years of searching the Scriptures this all-important and fundamental principle of interpretation has been strictly and consistently followed. Novel interpretations have been rejected, and theories supported by personal opinion alone have been laid aside.

In the preparation of this work, therefore, the aim has been to prove the teachings of the notes contained in this work with plain Bible references. The reader is invited to see for himself what these related passages are actually saying on any given subject found in the notes. In this way he will learn well the lesson of "rightly dividing the Word of truth" (2Ti 2:15); and he will see that the Holy Bible is in perfect harmony throughout.

Notes for the entire Bible are being prayerfully presented in the hope that they may be used of God to bring a simple and clear understanding of His Word to the average person, and that it will inspire him with faith to received the full benefits of the Gospel for body, soul, and spirit." -- Finis Jennings Dake 

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Special Features:

- 9,000 informative chapter and verse headings

- 35,000 notes on Scripture

- Over 500,000 cross references

- The famous "Plan of the Ages" Chart

- Many other unique helps, outlines, and charts

Dake was born in Iberia, Missouri, in 1902 — just four years before the famous Azuza Street Revival which became the foundation for modern Pentecostalism. He was the eighth of eleven children. Throughout his eighty-four years he pastored several churches, started a Bible school, and held numerous evangelistic meetings and lectures. His God-given ability to quote Scripture flawlessly without memorizing it earned him a reputation as the "Walking Bible". He hosted a radio broadcast twice daily for thirteen years, answering any Scriptural question posed to him. In the midst of all this activity (which included over 100,000 hours of intensive Bible study), Dake raised a family with his wife, Dorothy, and wrote several books, as well as the huge volume of commentary notes in The Dake Annotated Reference Bible 


"The Dake Bible is one of the greatest literary works ever made available for believers." Rod Parsley, Pastor, World Harvest Church, Columbus, OH

“I thank God for the people who produced the Dake Bible. Their hard work has made it easier for me to teach God’s Word.” Joyce Meyer, Joyce Meyer Ministries

“I have often been enriched by using the Dake Bible—it has enhanced my study of the Word of God.” Dr. Jerry Savelle

“To this day my husband and I feel The Dake Bible is the best study and reference Bible you can get." Marilyn Hickey, President, Marilyn Hickey Ministries

"The Dake Bible has helped me build a solid foundation in the Word.” Creflo Dollar, Pastor, World Changers Church International, College Park, GA

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Dake's Study Notes

5 stars
Dake's commentary (5/4/2022)
Reviewed by (Dan Keller, Dandridge, TN) - Dake's Study Notes

I have been using Dake's Bible for years, but somehow the print keeps shrinking. Seriously, it becomes harder to read his notes as I age.

5 stars
Dake'S Study Notes (4/15/2022)
Reviewed by (George Coulson, Rodeo, California, United States of America) - Dake's Study Notes

5 stars
Enjoyed this greatly (3/24/2022)
Reviewed by (Clyde Conner, Pulaski, Va) - Dake's Study Notes

Enjoyed this greatly!

5 stars
Excellent Resource (3/24/2022)
Reviewed by (William Johnson, Snowflake, Arizona) - Dake's Study Notes

I have the Dake bible in print but it's very difficult to look up all the scripture references he has listed. But with eSword version, all the scripture references are hyperlinks that pull up instantly as you scroll over the verse. Huge time saver and adds to all the other commentaries, dictionaries, etc found in one place - eSword!!

5 stars
Dake Study Notes. (1/21/2022)
Reviewed by (Wilhelm Visser, Happy Valley, South Australia, Austria) - Dake's Study Notes

I've owned a Dakes Bible from 90's and have valued the extra information when Bible study time comes. This extra notes added on to e Sword makes preparation much easier. I recommend this to people that take their Word studyserious.

5 stars
Dake notes (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Jason Sosebee, Chickamauga, GA) - Dake's Study Notes

Great product. I use it every day.

5 stars
Insightful (10/2/2021)
Reviewed by (jack Henley, LYNCHBURG, VA) - Dake's Study Notes

Great addition to e sword

5 stars
Awesome, deep studies of the Word (10/2/2021)
Reviewed by (Edgar Daames, George, N/a, South Africa) - Dake's Study Notes

Wow, I am able to dive deep into the word of God. May God bless u, making this available to us.

4 stars
Great Commentary for eSword (8/20/2021)
Reviewed by (Tony H, Mobile, AL) - Dake's Study Notes

This is a great commentary book to have for eSword. I have 2 Dake's physical bibles. The Dake's physical bible gives more details then the commentary eSword module does. I wish this could be fixed. An example: Matthew 24:28 eSword commentary says, "The rapture will have taken place years before this (see Rapture Before Antichrist)." It doesn't tell where in the eSword commentary to find "Rapture Before Antichrist" but if I go to my Dake's physical bible it says, "The rapture will have taken place years before this 2Th 2:7". So you can see that they leave out Scripture location. There are many like this. But it is still a great commentary to have for eSword.

4 stars
E-Sword is always there for me I have been using i (8/20/2021)
Reviewed by (Albert Baisch, Murrells Inlet, SC) - Dake's Study Notes

E-Sword is always there for me I have been using it for over 25 years. as a pastor i find it invaluable to my ministry......

4 stars
E-Sword is always there for me I have been using i (8/20/2021)
Reviewed by (Albert Baisch, Murrells Inlet, SC) - Dake's Study Notes

E-Sword is always there for me I have been using it for over 25 years. as a pastor i find it invaluable to my ministry......

5 stars
2 Tim. 2:15 (6/13/2021)
Reviewed by (Rolando Delgado, Haines City, FL) - Dake's Study Notes

The Dake I use most days--along with several others as well. I highly recommend this Bible notes as an essential tool in any ones Bible study time. The notes are easy to understand written in clear precise form.

4 stars
Evangelist (6/13/2021)
Reviewed by (HAROLD WANTON, Gainesville, Florida) - Dake's Study Notes

I have the Bible, but wanted to try the commentary. It is outstanding.

5 stars
Wonderful Study Aid (6/13/2021)
Reviewed by (Mike Shelton, Scroggins, Texas) - Dake's Study Notes

What a fantastic addition to my eSword library! Anyone familiar with the Drake Study Bible will appreciate the in-depth knowledge and insight that Brother Drake has.

5 stars
Dake's Products (1/12/2021)
Reviewed by (David Hill, Virginia Beach, VA) - Dake's Study Notes

I realize that not everyone agrees with Dake's stance on many passages. I'm afraid I surely have to disagree with his understanding in more than one place. However, his work does provide insights, thoughts, opinions that one may not have considered. And he supports his opinions with scripture, now we may disagree with his understanding of those, but it is far better than simply giving opinions without support.

5 stars
DAKE (10/9/2020)
Reviewed by (Osei Owusu Antwi, The Hague, South Holland, Holland) - Dake's Study Notes

I like Dake’s annotated Bible commentary because of it’s useful information

5 stars
Satisfied and grateful! (9/20/2020)
Reviewed by (Hendrik I Janse van Rensburg, Pretoria, Gauteng, RSA) - Dake's Study Notes

I find his Study Notes such a great help and help my to achieve the following; 2Pe 3:18  But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

5 stars
Thank You for Your Product at Great Prices (8/18/2020)
Reviewed by (Jim Lee, Southlake, TX) - Dake's Study Notes

First of all e-sword is free !!! Nothing is free how did e-sword do it !!! I have a really great Dakes KJV Bible. I have used e-sword since 2011. At first it was hard to get use to e-sword and not holding my Bible. Eventually I really started using it a lot and now every day. My references were only a click away. I like the Dakes notes and wanted them for a long time. This man spent his life taking all of the notes he wrote during his life. He has a lot of summaries too. I use to have to thumb through all of the pages to read his summaries and his gleanings for each verse in the Bible. All I have to do now is click a tab and I can see his notes on the verse I am reading at the time. I use other commentaries too. I use J Vernon McGee's commentary, Bible Knowledge, Believers Bible, UCRT Cross Refences. I also have the NASB ,NAS 77, King James and ESV. I can also do word studies with the Stongs Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries, New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance,Vine New Testament and OT Dictionaries. Also I have Nelsons complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts. I also have other material and resources and if I used the Books it would be cumbersome and time consuming and just unfortunately wear me out! Everything is a click away and if I want to share scripture or write a paper it is so easy to copy the text !!!I really cannot share how this has made such a big difference in my life because I can cover everything in lightening speed. I often wondered what reward in Heaven the people that make this available will have waiting for them. It is such a huge Ministry to edify the brethren. Well done !!! Tip copy your Journal Study and Topic notes and save them in a handy place.

4 stars
good study materia (8/18/2020)
Reviewed by (doug moore, rockmart, georgia) - Dake's Study Notes

good study material

5 stars
Well done (8/18/2020)
Reviewed by (Basil Frasure, San Angelo, TX) - Dake's Study Notes

The material is simple and informative. I have used Dake's hard copy of the Bible in the past. This addition to E-Sword is very handy and I would recommend it.

5 stars
Great Resource (8/18/2020)
Reviewed by (Rob Strupe, Lexington, NC) - Dake's Study Notes

I have always loved Dake's work. It is required study in seminary. Thank you ESS for this great resource!

5 stars
Excellent job (8/18/2020)
Reviewed by (Blasio Gonsalves, Hounslow, London, UK) - Dake's Study Notes

Excellent job to be available on e-sword. It is so handy and easy to go through which ever book chapter and verse you wish to study.

5 stars
Great bible commentary (6/13/2020)
Reviewed by (Michael O, Kampala, Kampala, Uganda) - Dake's Study Notes

Just the eCommentary I was looking for. I used the Dakes reference bible before and missed it when I gifted someone and moved to ESword. Was amazed to find commentary in eSword and have now use it as part of Cheyenne’s bible reading plan. Commentary is very concise and can be reviewed by verse or chapter - a good feature. I use it alongside the Belivers bible commentary which my secondary reference Highly recommended for ardent bible readers

5 stars
Extraordinario (6/13/2020)
Reviewed by (Jorge Luis Rodríguez, San Cristobal, Mixco, Guatemala) - Dake's Study Notes

Me parece un extraordinario recurso para apoyo en el estudio de la Biblia.

5 stars
Love Dake's Bible (4/13/2020)
Reviewed by (Michael Inman, Rolla, MO) - Dake's Study Notes

I've used Dake's Bible for years, S I just had to include his notes in my eBible. It is right up there with the Thompson Chain Reference for useage.

5 stars
Excellent! (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Mary Beste, Lakewood, Co) - Dake's Study Notes

Everything I hoped for. Makes Scripture study that much more fascinating.

4 stars
The Wise and Foolish Virgins (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Donald Winders, San Jose, CA) - Dake's Study Notes

You are either ready for Christ's Second Coming or you're not ready for His Coming at all.

4 stars
Not always my doctrinal learning but a good help (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Mark Cain, Greenwood, DE) - Dake's Study Notes

I already had Dake's notes on another Bible program but wanted them on my main Bible Study Program. Dake's consistent use of cross references is a big help. He just doesn't always draw the same doctrinal conclusion I do. But what the hey, Stone sharpens stone.

5 stars
eSword, Dake Notes, Great Combo (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Allen Fox, Carmichaels, PA) - Dake's Study Notes

Been using Dake Notes (in small print) for 45 years. Absolutely awesome to add them to eSword. I really like the 'hover' pop-up feature for the multitude of Scripture references Dake uses.

3 stars
Unable to pinch open in my iPad (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Peter Selvarajan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India) - Dake's Study Notes

It is very useful. But I am disappointed that the charts do not pinch open to be able to see the small print better. Can someone help me please?

5 stars
A must... (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Agnes Vanderslaghmolen, PHOENIX, Arizona) - Dake's Study Notes

A must... to have for every believer. There is soo much information in this book. It will help you going deeper into Gods Word. Really a max-super tool... *smile*

5 stars
A Wonderful Addition (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Kirk Zehnder, Clermont, FL) - Dake's Study Notes

This is a wonderful addition to the E-Sword library and the many quality resources that are available. I look forward to adding this resource to my study regiment.

5 stars
At Last On Line (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Richard Barth, Wallace, ID) - Dake's Study Notes

Great resource. Huge amount of connections and cross references

4 stars
Very detailed Commentary (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Tommy Asbury, Columbus, IN) - Dake's Study Notes

The Dake's Commentary is one of the most complete and detailed commentaries there is. Not for the novice and even for the learned it takes some time to learn to navigate. I would have given it 5 stars but I do not hold to Mr. Dakes Apostolic views. But for any individual who is rooted and grounded this is a great study tool.

5 stars
Great study tool (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Yvonne Raetz, OCONTO, WI) - Dake's Study Notes

I teach a small home Bible class and find "Dake's Study Notes" very helpful in the preparation of the lessons I teach.

4 stars
It was not in the format I expected. I expected i (3/10/2019)
Reviewed by (Sylvia Lewallen, Beaumont, TX) - Dake's Study Notes

It was not in the format I expected. I expected it to be in a separate book or booklet form too. That would have made it easier for me to use as a study aid rather than having to follow the references back and forth like in the actual bible. I love all of his reference notes but when you are studying, it is cumbersome to have to search for a reference and lose your place where you are studying. But, having said that, I do like it.

5 stars
Dakes (3/10/2019)
Reviewed by (Roy Ledford, Concho, ARIZONA) - Dake's Study Notes


5 stars
Exceptional (3/10/2019)
Reviewed by (Michael Wolf, Germanton, North Carolina) - Dake's Study Notes

Exceptional commentary.

5 stars
This is my go to resource for bible study Faster t (3/10/2019)
Reviewed by (keith Billings, Oklahoma City, OK) - Dake's Study Notes

This is my go to resource for bible study Faster than flipping pages. a lot of resources at your fingertips

5 stars
Great addition for study (3/10/2019)
Reviewed by (Carol Fox, Idaho Falls, Id) - Dake's Study Notes

this is a great addition for study!

5 stars
very helpful (10/30/2018)
Reviewed by (Jerry Carlson, Sheridan, MI) - Dake's Study Notes

I've enjoyed the Dake's Study Bible for a long time. Having this on my computer for my study's is a tremendous asset and helpful, quick reference.

5 stars
Dake'review (10/30/2018)
Reviewed by (William E. Beaver, Morley, MI) - Dake's Study Notes

Dake;s study notes, help to give clarity to some of the scriptures that I struggle to understand. Thumbs up.

4 stars
Handy study source (10/30/2018)
Reviewed by (Hernan Herrera, SOUTH PASADENA, CA) - Dake's Study Notes

I appreciate the research and time that went into creating these study notes, and I would certainly recommend them to any serious student of God's Word. These notes offer time tested commentary on many scriptural passages and show solid discernment for the dedicated observer of human affairs and what the Bible says about them.

4 stars
Sermonic Usefulness (10/30/2018)
Reviewed by (Ronald C. Baker, Headland, Al) - Dake's Study Notes

Very useful in itemizing outlines of historical issues affecting the studied text, not found elsewhere in a concise usable format.Many references O.T. - N.T. correlating textual topics adding substance to sermons and Bible studies. Very useful tool. Thanks for making it available.

5 stars
Very handy (10/30/2018)
Reviewed by (Maria Scholtz, Mackay, Queensland, Australia) - Dake's Study Notes

This Bible are the most informative and helpful I’ve ever used. I was so excited when I saw it on e-Sword and had to download imidiately! I also have a hard copy and use it every day! It really help with so many wuestions while reading the Bible and there are so many interesting things inside as well! Thanks for a great reference Bible!

4 stars
Pastor (10/30/2018)
Reviewed by (Michael Ogobamidele, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland) - Dake's Study Notes

I use to have the hard copy but I decided to have the soft for convenience sake since I downloaded I have a great experience. I really love it.

5 stars
F.J. Dake: Modernity's "Enoch"! (8/14/2018)
Reviewed by (Jeffrey Ady, Honolulu, HI) - Dake's Study Notes

I've owned--and worn out--two Dake Study Bibles since coming to the Lord over 40 years ago. As a father, a pastor, and as a disciple of Jesus who just wants a STRAIGHT, "fundamentalist" systematic theology and grounded commentary as I read God's Word, I have valued Finis Jennings Dake's work. So glad his children have taken up the torch. Now, I own numerous Bible translations, but keep mainly to the Dake and Amplified (Classic), moving back and forth as I need. But, when reading the Amplified, I miss Bake's columnar notes and "Complete Concordance - Cyclopedic Index"...primarily because either the Lockman Foundation or Zondervan evidently went with a standard Concordance. The latter is good, but Dake's resources take First Prize. I must confess that, in the earlier years, I often paid more attention to the commentary/notes columns on each page instead of the Biblical text. AND NOW--as the curtain is falling at the end of the Age of Grace (Dake was a dispensationalist), you've made available his great work for my Mac(s)!!!! Praise the Lord and God bless you!

5 stars
Finis Dake Commentary (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Carolyn Millard, Martinsville, Indiana) - Dake's Study Notes

This is an incredible resource, I am very grateful to be able to use it on e-Sword. I have 3 very expensive bible programs I purchased years ago while teaching, every year I upgraded my programs. Now I almost exclusively use my e-Sword. Praise the Lord for Ricks dedication to empower the God’s people with good resources.

5 stars
Dake's Study Bible (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Mike Sanders, Blue Springs, MS) - Dake's Study Notes

Dakes challenges us to dig deep into God's word.

5 stars
Great Resource For Any Serious Student of the WORD (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Cindy Hyde, Nacogdoches, TX) - Dake's Study Notes

The Dake's Study Notes are a great addition to the e-Sword library. Having his notes available at the touch of a button is so much easier than flipping through the pages of his Bible. It makes taking notes a breeze. I can put sermon notes, write Study Note and even Journal using Dake's Study Notes. My husband and I have been using Dake's Bible for over 20 years. We love the electronic version of his notes.

4 stars
Dake's Study Notes (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Samuel Woods, Dallas, Texas) - Dake's Study Notes

I have had a dakes for years and have always found it to be helpful but to find the notes in e-Sword format was exciting,enjoy it opens of up avenues to delve into

5 stars
Great source! (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Gene Mitchell, Gulfport, Mississippi) - Dake's Study Notes

This is a great source to have on e-sword! It’s very simple to you as well.

5 stars
Excellent resource (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Toy Waterman, Des Moines, IA, US.) - Dake's Study Notes

Excellent resource for my in-depth Bible Studies!

5 stars
Best Dakes software around (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Robert Gabbard, Camden, Ohio) - Dake's Study Notes

This is the best software around. This software is easy to use ,easy to manipulate around .

5 stars
SO worth it! (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Leona Healey, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada) - Dake's Study Notes

I bought this in the hope that it would help me gain a better understanding of the Bible - oh my, what an incredible resource it turned out to be! I combined the purchase of this, with the download of The Message Bible for e-Sword, and have found a whole new level of understanding. More importantly, I now look forward to reading my bible! You simply can't/won't go wrong buying this biblical resource.

5 stars
Money well spent (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Terry Pellman, Athens, Texas) - Dake's Study Notes

Every tool used to present our message is important. Don't agree with everything stated so far - but useful .... as I once read "I eat the hayand spit out the sticks - nurishment

5 stars
I have used Dake's annotated Bible for many decade (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Ira Hargis, Sapulpa, OK) - Dake's Study Notes

I have used Dake's annotated Bible for many decades. It is nice to be able to use it on my PC.

5 stars
Easy to use and understand. (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Michael Lathim, Redmond, Washington) - Dake's Study Notes

Precise and direct. I find this a very good jumping off point if you are looking for a word study. I is a very good bases to get into what the meaning of the word says.

5 stars
Answer to Prayer (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Jerry Graham, Aqaba, Jordan, Jordan) - Dake's Study Notes

I was so excited when I saw the announcement that Dake's study notes had been added to the e-Sword offerings. My Dake's Bible was one of the treasures I had to leave behind when we moved to Jordan. Thank you so much for making that part of the Library.

4 stars
A great controversial commentary. (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Agner Ebild, Give, Denmark, Denmark) - Dake's Study Notes

The software is well produced and easy to use. It is easy to compare the commentary with other commentary. Dake´s commentry is controversial on some theological subjects, but so are a lot of other commentaries. Dake´s commentary is good to have to complete the library of commentaries and to provoke some thoughts. E-Sword is my favourite Bible software.

5 stars
A must to buy (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Chan Smith, Bedford, Ky) - Dake's Study Notes

This is a must to buy. It has a wealth of knowledge in it. You will not find this much information in any other study bible. I was going to ask them to add this and they did it with asking. God answered my prayers.

5 stars
product review (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (john parrish, cabot, arkansas) - Dake's Study Notes

I have a Dake Reference Bible that I have used for years and I really like it that is why I ordered it for e-Sword, I thought that now I have two great helps in one package, but I cannot get to the information in e-Sword. I know that the problem is operator error, which adds to my frustration. It will be wonderful when I do get it to work.

5 stars
An awesome resource. (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Osmer Harris, Azusa, CA) - Dake's Study Notes

Having carried a Dake's Bible for years I longed to something similar on eSword. It is not the answer to every question, but certainly adds credibility and cross references. I wish, much like the NET Bible, that it was tied directly to a word or verse. Overall, I am so thankful a good eschatology aid.

5 stars
Love those Dake's Study Notes. They are the best (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Agnes Vanderslaghmolen, Phoenix, AZ) - Dake's Study Notes

Love those Dake's Study Notes. They are the best studies there is. Think every real christian need to have this... oh yes! Thank you for having them... *smile*

5 stars
Dake study Bible (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Phillip Pearson, Bailey, NC) - Dake's Study Notes

The Dake Study Bible is really helpful to me in teaching adult Sunday School. His perspectives on scripture are refreshing. I am very glad I added this to my collection of commentaries.

5 stars
Great resource (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Tom Hughes, Posey, CA) - Dake's Study Notes

Have had the hard copy for years. But now its great to have it on e-Sword on my iPad.

5 stars
Dakes Study Notes (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Robert Rascon, Farmington, New Mexico) - Dake's Study Notes

Dakes Study Notes By Finis Dake has been around for some time.I have used Dakes Annotated Bible & Study Notes from back in the 80's, and making use of it while attending Bible College, and later entering the ministry. The resources provided are the best, and very useful. I am so glad that E-Sword has made this material available, and would encourage all to get it. You will not be disappointed! Rev. Robert Rascon

5 stars
Increased Knowledge (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Roger Achor, Hot Springs Village, AR) - Dake's Study Notes

This Dake product is insightful and easy to use. While there remains some controversy over Dake's bible and study notes, I have found them to be particularly helpful. It is a great resource; but never use just one resource in any research.


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