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The IVP New Testament Commentary Series, 20 Vols. for e-Sword

Grant R. Osborne, D. Stuart Briscoe, and Haddon Robinson
Intervarsity Press


4.5 Stars

A Perfect Blend of Scholarship and a Heart for Ministry!

Pastors with a passion for sound exposition and scholars with a heart for pastoral leadership have joined forces to produce this exciting commentary series.

Each volume, informed by the best of up-to-date evangelical scholarship, presents passage-by-passage commentary based on the NIV along with background information on authorship, setting, theme and various interpretive issues. A unique format focuses on the vital message of the New Testament for today's church, together with notes providing valuable scholarly information to support those who use the volumes as a resource for preaching or teaching preparation.


  • Designed for those who preach and teach from scripture
  • Unique, uncluttered format with exposition & discussion at the top and additional notes at the bottom of the page
  • Clear exposition of the text that pays attention to important exegetical issues
  • Offers an engaging discussion of the text's meaning and application for today's church
  • Contributors are some of the best recent evangelical scholars

Seldom have such readable commentary and reliable research helps been available in the same volume! Preachers, teachers, students and other individuals who want to dig deep into the heart of the New Testament will find an indispensable companion in the IVP New Testament Commentary Series.

Matthew — Craig S. Keener
Mark —  Ronald J. Kernaghan
Luke —  Darrell L. Bock
John — Rodney A. Whitacr
Acts —  William J. Larkin, Jr.
Romans —  Grant R. Osborne
1 Corinthians —  Alan F. Johnson
2 Corinthians —  Linda L. Belleville
Galatians —  G. Walter Hansen
Ephesians — Walter L. Liefeld
Philippians —  Gordon D. Fee
Colossians —  Robert W. Wall
1 Thessalonians — y G. K. Beale
2 Thessalonians —  G. K. Beale
1 Timothy —  Philip H. Towner
2 Timothy —  Philip H. Towner
Titus — Philip H. Towner
Philemon — Robert W. Wall
Hebrews — Ray C. Stedman
James — George M. Stulac
1 Peter — I. Howard Marshall
2 Peter — Robert Harvey and Philip H. Towner
1 John — Marianne Meye Thompson
2 John — Marianne Meye Thompson
3 John — Marianne Meye Thompson
Jude — Robert Harvey and Philip H. Towner
Revelation — J. Ramsey Michaels

Grant R. Osborne (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen) is professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He also serves as series editor for the IVP New Testament Commentary Series, for which he contributed the volume on Romans. He has also written on Revelation for the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament. Briscoe is a well-known speaker and pastor of Elmbrook Church in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Robinson is Harold John Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

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Customer Reviews
The IVP New Testament Commentary Series, 20 Vols. for e-Sword
4.5 Stars
25 Reviews   Submit Your Review

5 stars
A fan of IVP Commentaries (3/11/2023)
Reviewed by (Kelly McClelland, Orlando, FL, US) - For many years now, I have referred to IVP NT Commentaries but was somewhat limited in access. So I was glad to find that they are finally available for eSword as that is my preferred Bible software! Praise the Lord I can round out my library with the NT Commentary Series and that will aid in my teaching ministry and coaching of pastors and missionaries! I'm a big fan of eSword and estudysource.com makes my reference library grow without adding more physical books to my ever-growing library. My wife is thrilled that I didn't get 20 hard-copy books! You'll be blessed by the service and access to so many files that will aid your Bible study.

5 stars
Great Resource (3/24/2022)
Reviewed by (Ervin Alexander, Orlando, FL, US) - I love the historical lens that each commentary is written with. You will love this one!

5 stars
Incredible VALUE! (2/5/2022)
Reviewed by (Jeff Woods, Garland, TX, US) - This addition to eSword is an incredible value! The IVP New Testament Commentary Series is highly desired biblical resource that becomes virtually irresistible because the price for the electronic version removes every conceivable barrier. Thank you!

5 stars
Excellent Commentary (3/18/2021)
Reviewed by (Robert Krickbaum, Pueblo West, CO, United States) - I recently purchased the IVP New Testament Commentary to use on e-Sword. I found them to be helpful and biblically accurate and put them to use in my studies immediately. These will be one of my go to commentaries for the New Testament.

3 stars
Great devotional commentary (8/15/2020)
Reviewed by (Arthur George, Marcellus, NY, United States) - Was hoping to find a critical commentary but found it mostly devotional in nature. Fine if that is what you are looking for.

5 stars
Great (4/13/2020)
Reviewed by (Peter Haddad, West Haven, CT, US) - It's right at my fingertips!!! Thanks Rick

3 stars
Well Researched and Written, But Compromises With Cultural Relativism (4/13/2020)
Reviewed by (Lee Gordon, Des Moines, Iowa, US) - This review is limited to my experience with the commentaries. Currently, I've only consulted them with regard to 1 Corinthians 14 and 1 Timothy 2. The reason for this, is because these passages show whether a commentary will be faithful to the word and principles of God, or whether they're willing to compromise with cultural relativism, to avoid persecution. In the case of the IVP commentary on 1 Timothy, it's clear the author sees the truth of God's word, and is reluctant to accept a modern cultural interpretation of the passage that invalidates it. However, in the end, after presenting both views, the author basically concludes that we can't be dogmatic or sure about either of them. We are left in doubt. I give three stars, because the content is clearly well researched and presented, yet it refuses to take a stand, and ultimately discards any clear conviction about the matter, in favor of uncertainty and compromise. The same thing is true in the commentary on 1 Corinthians 14, only there the author goes even further in the cultural relativism direction, almost chastising anyone who dares to hold to the idea that the passage is laying down authoritative instructions for all ages.

5 stars
Trustworthy (3/10/2019)
Reviewed by (Jeff McDonald, Clute, TX, US) - I always and only buy books that are trustworthy and would not go astray in doctrine. That said, what a great set of commentaries!

5 stars
IVP New Testament Commentary review (3/10/2019)
Reviewed by (Karen Brocco-Kish, Medina, OH, US) - I am grateful that I could purchase this commentary at such a low price. It is scholarly, but not over my head. I can use it to prepare sermons as well as do Bible studies. This will be one of my most useful resources to understand the New Testament.

3 stars
Disappointed (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Jim McConnell, Dennison, OH, United States) - Maybe I shouldn't be as critical, but I have a lot of commentaries, and reference books from e-study, and on my shelves. There are others that I prefer, so I didn't feel that it was worth the money for me. To others, it may be just the right fit.

5 stars
Amazing value (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Andrew Mackintosh, BASINGSTOKE, Hampshire, United Kingdom) - As ever, ESS have made available an excellent study resource for well below the price of other providers. IVPNTC is a good balance of exegetical analysis and practical application. Easy to read and insightful, even if one doesn't agree with everything the commentator writes. It is helpful in this edition to have footnotes gathered together rather than inserted in the text as in the e-Sword version of NICNT. Hyperlinks to the footnotes would be really cool but I guess for the price we can't have everything!

4 stars
Good Commentary (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Steven Lowman, Sheridan, Wyoming, United States) - I bought this because it was on sale and the price could not be matched anywhere else, I was also looking for an overall commentary. I find it good to review others thoughts and ideas on a particular passage of scripture and find this commentary helpful. I use it not as a sole source but as a group of references to get the different opinions of what scripture is saying. I find this reference to be solid in its view of the bible even if I don't agree with all of it's viewpoints. The explanations are complete and well thought out.

5 stars
Profesor (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Alfredo Cabrera Cuervo, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico) - A complete commentary

4 stars
Pr. (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Luis Barrios, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil) - I have began to read the commentary in different texts of the Bible, and I am satisfy and thankful for this biblical material. Also, I believe that the price is very good for the value that it represent. Thanks for the writes, editor and e-Swrod for make available to all of us.

5 stars
Valuable commentary (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Leon Lidik, Palm Bay, FL, US) - The IVP New Testament Commentary is a welcome addition to my electronic library. Although it was a recent purchase, I find myself using it more and more.

5 stars
A Great Commentary for Teachers and Pastors (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (David Chapman, Springfield, MO, US) - It a very solid and readable commentary. It is not so technical that you have to have a doctorate in theology to understand, but it is not a skimpy commentary either. You really cannot go wrong with this commentary set. It strikes the right balance between scholarship and thoroughness with readability.

4 stars
In depth but easy to reas (2/9/2017)
Reviewed by (Shawn Creamer, Dallas, GA, US) - Well written in modern easy to read language but does not dumb down too much. Layout is a little difficult to navigate in e-sword to get to the section you desire but no too bad.

4 stars
Good Application Commentary (8/7/2016)
Reviewed by (Henry Maicki II, Walled Lake, MI, US) - The IVP New Testament Commentary is a good contemporary application commentary that I use in conjunction with the NIVAC series in writing lessons and studies with real-world implications. What it lacks in theological depth or linguistic analysis, it makes up for with direct pertinence in people's, especially younger people's, lives.

5 stars
The IVP New Testament Commentary Series, 20 Vols. for e-Sword (6/2/2015)
Reviewed by (Ram Vandereay, Handan, Hebei, China) - I live in China where the availability of products for one to study the word of God is VERY limited, as always I find the sources for e-sword to be of the greatest importance. If you're reading this comment please think about how fortunate you may be to live in a country where you can access the word of God without restrictions. The commentary purchased is insightful and suited for in-depth study.

3 stars
Reviewed by (James McArthur, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada) - Worthwhile purchase but I have a slight preference for the Preachers Commentary. Still would recommend.

5 stars
Good Set--Great Price (12/9/2014)
Reviewed by (Rick Barth, Wallace, Idaho, US) - Broad coverage that's readily understood by the average person interested in a deeper understanding of the Word from a conservative viewpoint. Much less expensive than the same commentary on other Bible programs.

4 stars
Insightful (7/31/2014)
Reviewed by (Pastor Timothy Morbitzer, North Manchester, Indiana, United States) - Helpful. Insightful. Thorough. The Bible student will gain rich and new insights.

5 stars
Product Review (4/15/2014)
Reviewed by (Jim Cantrell, HASLET, Texas, US) - "In an age of proliferating commentary series, one might easily ask why add yet another to the seeming glut. The simplest answer is that no other series has yet achieved what we had in mind—a series to and from the church, that seeks to move from the text to its contemporary relevance and application." Gordon D. Fee General Preface Philippians. The IVP New Testament Commentary Series has reached their goal of providing thoughtful insight, relevance and application equipping the Christian with the depth of God's Word. Thank you, jim

5 stars
Comment (4/15/2014)
Reviewed by (Bill McKnight, Anaheim, CA, US) - I found the IVP New Testament Commentary to be very useful in my study of the New Testament. It's extremely informative and easy to read and understand. How about adding an IVP Old Testament Commentary?

4 stars
Rev (4/15/2014)
Reviewed by (Peter Williams, Bridgend, Glamorgan, UK) - The series show a good degree of scholarship but use it in a way that is helpful and practical. Well worth the having and using

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