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Key Word Commentary: Thoughts on Every Chapter of the Bible;  for e-Sword

Key Word Commentary: Thoughts on Every Chapter of the Bible; for e-Sword

Mark Water


4.5 Stars

Masterful outlines and helps for teaching, preaching, and Bible study!

All 929 chapters of the Old Testament and 260 chapters of the New Testament are outlined, analyzed, and summarized. Each 
chapter's key verses, key thoughts, and key words are outlined. Also provided for each chapter is key persons, key events and key cross references to other Bible passages.

Includes explanations and quotable quotes that tie in with the thought of the chapter. These outlines are of great help for those who are preparing their sermons/talks, Bible Study surveys or for a general overview for better Bible study.


  • Before and After - Gives the context of the preceding and following chapters
  • Analysis - Breaks the chapter into sections with theme headings
  • Key Verse - Time saving suggestions for focused study and sharing
  • Key Word - Discover the significance of key words
  • Key Person/Event - Insights into the core message and events of each chapter.
  • Key Thought - Discover why Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones thought Psalm 51 was the classic psalm on repentance. Or, find out which psalm Augustine valued so much in his personal worship of God.
  • Key Thing(s) to Look For - From the writings of Bible scholars of every century, you will be drawn to the most important point in each chapter. 
  • Key Bible Cross-Reference - These cross-references engage you in one of the most profitable aspects of Bible study: comparing Scripture with Scripture.
  • Key "By Way of Explanation" - Using background details, puzzling words or ideas in the chapter will be clearly explained.
  • Key "Quotable Quote" - These quotes from expert Bible expositors offer illuminating commentary on the chapter, or one verse from the chapter.

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Customer Reviews
Key Word Commentary: Thoughts on Every Chapter of the Bible; for e-Sword
4.5 Stars
19 Reviews   Submit Your Review

5 stars
Reviewed by (David Olufemi Adesina, Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria) - The resources has helped me greatly to build my message and teachings for my students and Church.

4 stars
Review (6/21/2023)
Reviewed by (Zakarias Sadhu Pramana, Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia) - Very useful and simple in finding the meaning of biblical interpretations.

5 stars
Esword a necessity for ministry (12/14/2022)
Reviewed by (Phillip Pearson, Bailey, NC, United States) - I have used E sword for several years now. I use other digital Bible study programs also, but E sword is the backbone of my tools. I have purchased some of the offered commentaries and find them very helpful. I recommend E sword to my friends.

3 stars
Key Word Thoughts (12/14/2022)
Reviewed by (Jimmy Smith, Hartselle, AL, United States) - I am a little disappointed with the Key Word Commentary because it is not really a commentary, in my opinion. It's more like an "Outline" of Biblical books, chapters, and verses. It does not present much depth of understanding beyond the "Outline" format. While it does have some value for Biblical study, it lacks insight.

5 stars
Satisfied Customer (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Derrick Ford, Waldorf, MD, United States) - Another great product

5 stars
Very Very Helpful (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Paul Drazich, KOKOMO, IN, United States) - This has been a very very helpful tool for Bible Study as I lead several Bible studies each month going through several books of the Bible each month

5 stars
Reviewed by (Alan Vince, Blaxland East, NSW, Australia) - Great summary of multiple parts of book, and passages.

5 stars
Now I have my own (6/13/2021)
Reviewed by (Kathy Henderson, Umatilla, Florida, US) - I had purchased printed edition of the Key Word Study Bible many years ago. My husband liked it so much that he claimed it for himself. Now I have it along with my favorite electronic program, e-sword. My collection of study material is nearly complete :)

5 stars
Outstanding Resource (3/28/2021)
Reviewed by (Tim C, Duncan, SC, US) - This is a great resource. It fits in very well with the other books available in E-Sword. Rick Myers' masterpiece is much stronger and well rounded because of the Key Word Commentary. This commentary provides a concise but thorough review of each Bible book. Fairly priced and highly recommended!

5 stars
Key Word (3/18/2021)
Reviewed by (Johnnie Bailey, Tompkinsville, KY, US) - Please don't ever stop offering this program it is the best Bible for average Church level. and for a busy pastor it is a great help to disciple Christians'

5 stars
Great Resource! (1/12/2021)
Reviewed by (Ervin Alexander, Orlando, Florida, US) - This is a great resource to read along side other commentaries. I reference it every time I read the scriptures.

5 stars
Outstanding Service (1/12/2021)
Reviewed by (peter lyas, Stockton, CA, United States) - I very much enjoy this product thank you very much I appreciate it.

3 stars
Elementary (12/8/2020)
Reviewed by (Scott Denham, Shambaugh, Iowa, US) - Information is very limited and scholarship very elementary. It's sometimes helpful but if you're looking for something in-depth, look elsewhere.

5 stars
Useful for an Overall view of the books of the bible (11/24/2020)
Reviewed by (Timmy Tng, Singapore, SINGAPORE, Singapore) - Useful for bible students and teachers when preparing for a book study. It gives you a general cream of the importance of the book intending to do a study. I especially like the way things being layout such as 1. Previous chapter 2. Analysis of chapter 3. Key verse 4. Keyword/keyphrase 5. Key event / key person / key theme 6. Key thought 7. Key thing to look out for 8. Key Bible cross-reference 9. Key "by way of explanation" 10. Key "Quotable Quote" What's lacking is some important: GREEK WORDS & HEBREW WORDS with it's meaning will help it to be more interesting

5 stars
Great Resource (11/24/2020)
Reviewed by (David Stikeleather, Hickory, North Carolina, United States) - Excellent resource to add to other commentaries! Gives the ability to focus in on passages that some treat broadly. Recommend it!

4 stars
Works for me! (4/13/2020)
Reviewed by (Kelly McClelland, Orlando, FL, US) - Appreciate this valuable resource. I am just getting to use it, but find it lays things out in a clear and simple manner that saves me time when I am looking for info as I share in church or one on one in ministry settings. Good price and solid from what I have seen so far! Deal of the day! PTL!

4 stars
Reviewed by (virgil Nolen, Durham, N.C., US) - I have reviewed and used this resource and would recommend it to the serious Bible Student.

5 stars
Reviewed by (Travis Baker, Kinston, N.C., US) - Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for all your help Rick!

5 stars
For lovers of the Big picture (12/20/2019)
Reviewed by (Patricio Kelly, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina) - For lovers of the Big Picture, this is wonderful. Go to Psalms to see how useful it is! Or the Minor prophets; or the shorter epistles. Recommended!

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