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Encyclopedia of Jesus' Life & Time - for e-Sword

Encyclopedia of Jesus' Life & Time - for e-Sword

Mark Water


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An Essential Guide to the Life of Jesus! There are five main sections in this unparalled resource:

Part One: The person of Jesus
Part Two: The life of Jesus
Part Three: The death of Jesus
Part Four: The resurrection, ascension and return of Jesus
Part Five: Devotional responses to Jesus

Each Section is further divided into:

1. COMPARING MODERN VIEWPOINTS. Leading Christians from the 20th and 21st centuries, such as, Billy Graham, C.S.Lewis, M.Lloyd-Jones, J.I.Packer, and John Stott give summaries of some of their views on the person of Jesus, the death of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus.
2. THEOLOGIANS AND CHRISTIAN WRITERS. The majority of the book consists of some of the most helpful writings and sermons of faithful Christians theologians, pastors, Bible teachers, and evangelist from throughout the Christians era. Most of these entries are in chronological order of the bird of writers.
3. POEMS, HYMNS, MEDITATIONS, AND PRAYERS. Poems, hymns, meditations, and prayers about Jesus have been collected together under the following headings: Jesus'birth, the life of Jesus, the death of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus, the ascension of Jesus, and the return of Jesus.
4. QUOTATIONS COLLECTIONS. Nearly six hundred quotations about Jesus are assembled.
5. CHECKLISTS. A variety of informative checklists on the person and work of Jesus are included:

* Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ
* 50 specific prophecies fulfilled in Jesus
* 92 prophecies in the Psalms fulfilled in Jesus
* 121 Messianic prophecies of Isaiah fulfilled in Jesus Christ
* Bible Study on the attributes/character of Jesus
* Bible Study on Jesus' names and titles
* Bible Study on the second coming of Jesus
* Bible Study on being "In Christ"
* Bible study on instances of faith in Christ (in the New Testament)

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Encyclopedia of Jesus' Life & Time - for e-Sword
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