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Complete Word Study Dictionary: OT and NT for e-Sword
Spiros Zodhiates , Warren Baker , Eugene Carpenter
PRICE:    $39.99
*Format:    e-Sword

Word Study

Your key to discovering God's Word in its original languages!

Using Strong's numbering system for quick access, the Complete Word Study Dictionary (Old and New Testaments) provides amazing insights into the original languages of the Bible. The system of study is easy to use, and provdes any Bible student with the rich discovery of Bible words. Anyone can now access the original meanings and insights of the Bible. Difficult Bible passages in English come alive, as the words and context are revealed. An essential companion for anyone who wants to understand and apply the rich depths of their Bible. 

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Special Features:

The Old Testament volume features an English transliteration of each entry, concordance of occurrences, translational references, and more. The New Testament text provides each word's derivation; history and etymology; exegetical commentary; synonyms and antonyms; and an English word index. Each includes Strong's numbering. 

* Runs on e-Sword PC, X for Mac®, HD for iPad®, and LT for iPhone®. These links show system requirements for using e-Sword software on your device. Recent versions of e-Sword are required in order to install and use e-Sword modules purchased from

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Complete Word Study Dictionary: OT and NT for e-Sword

5 stars
Wonderfully Helpful (11/11/2020)
Reviewed by (Steph Rohde, Ocala, Florida) - Complete Word Study Dictionary: OT and NT for e-Sword

Having immediate access to "digital" versions of these two very important and necessary sources is SUCH a time saver. Anytime you left click on a "Strong's Reference Number" (when viewing Scripture in the KJV+ version for example), you see not only the Strong's explanations, but the Word Study ones as well. They both appear in a pop-up window together. [Having available the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (TWOT) digitally would be another welcome resource module as well.] Many thanks for all you do. Love & Blessings to all—always, and in all ways.

5 stars
Fantastic Bible Study Resource (8/18/2020)
Reviewed by (Christina Gilbert, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) - Complete Word Study Dictionary: OT and NT for e-Sword

Thank you e-sword for making available the Complete Word Study Dictionary by Spiros Zodhiates in the Bible Study app. I’ve enjoyed and favored this Bible study tool for many years but to now have it electronically at my finger tips from within e-sword, either via my iPadPro or iphone is brilliant and so convenient. Read the other reviews and you’ll see how highly regarded this Bible study tool is, don’t hesitate to buy it, you’ll be so glad you did. May the LORD bless those who labour in His Word.

5 stars
Helpful Tool (4/13/2020)
Reviewed by (Joe Herrera, Vista, Ca) - Complete Word Study Dictionary: OT and NT for e-Sword

Very useful dictionary. When it says every word it means it. It works with the King James with Strongs Numbers. It's been a helpful aid in my daily devotions. Lord Bless hope this helps.

5 stars
Outstanding resource! (1/7/2020)
Reviewed by (John Squire, Pontiac, MI) - Complete Word Study Dictionary: OT and NT for e-Sword

In my humble opinion, this is the best word study resource available today for e-Sword. It's simple to use, clear, concise, easy to understand, and very thorough. This resource allows virtually anyone to do scholarly word study, as it gives comprehensive and contextual definitions of all biblical words. It is not necessary know the Greek or Hebrew languages to use this reference effectively, but with just a basic understanding of the biblical languages (voice, tense, mood, case, etc.) the average Bible student can perform word study at a fairly high level. Thank you e-Sword and eStudySource for making it available at a bargain price (about half the cost of the printed versions!). Please note, however, you MUST be running e-Sword version 12.1 (or greater) in order to install this module. I would recommend this resource to any serious Bible student.

5 stars
EXCELLENT resource (12/20/2019)
Reviewed by (Mike McInerney, Decatur, TX) - Complete Word Study Dictionary: OT and NT for e-Sword

I've used both of these resources for years in book form. Wonderful resource but bulky to use. I've searched for a long time for a digital version of these books and was thrilled to see ESS had it! The first time I powered it up I hovered the mouse over a verse in Acts 13 and learned something new and exciting about the word "forgiveness". It is easy to copy/paste info from the program into whatever you are writing. Like all ESS products, it is intuitive and easy to use. I immediately went to FaceBook and bragged on it and highly recommended others purchase this and other modules from e_Sword. Thank you so much for offering this product. I'm "wearing it out".

5 stars
super valueble resource (12/20/2019)
Reviewed by (larry henderson, Chattanooga, TN) - Complete Word Study Dictionary: OT and NT for e-Sword

I love it! I didn't know what I was missing without it! It is a super valuable resource for the study of God's word!!!

5 stars
Excellent Resource (12/20/2019)
Reviewed by (Trevor Gibson, MOIRA, None, Northern Ireland) - Complete Word Study Dictionary: OT and NT for e-Sword

These Word studio dictionary’s add so much detail to each of Strrong’s numbers. I have got so much from these books.


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