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The 365-Day Devotional Commentary for e-Sword

Larry Richards
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5 Stars

Discover the wealth of spiritual resources and practical guidance God has provided in every chapter of His life-giving Word.

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The 365-Day Devotional Commentary is the only resource that focuses specifically on the devotional and personal meaning of each book of the Old and New Testament. Here is a unique tool to help you deepen your personal walk with God and share the most intimate meanings of God's Word with others.

What Makes The 365-Day Devotional Commentary Unique? It combines the explanation of Scripture provided by the traditional commentary with devotional insights into the personal meaning of God's Word for your life. It allows you to deepen your walk with God by a guided study of the entire Bible in one year, in manageable daily readings. Its flexible design permits you to use it in a way that fits your need and schedule--pick it up in midyear; read only the "core" Bible passage and application if you have less time; enjoy the special holiday reading plans; start with the New Testament instead of the Old; use it to study a particular book or passage; use it to plan lessons or sermons; use it to guide family devotions. It also provides many personal application insights and illustrations!

It's not just a book of daily devotions. It's not just a Bible commentary. It's both--and more! It unveils God's personal message to you, and helps you live it.

• Covers the entire Bible in 365 "easy reading," dated units
• Highlights personal applications from every chapter
• Explains the meaning and implications of key Bible terms and events
• Identifies a "core passage" in each daily reading
• Provides daily devotional readings, linked to each core passage, for personal use when time is limited
• Gives an overview of each day's reading, showing how the text fits together

Lawrence O. Richards held a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Michigan, a Th.M. in Christian education from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in religious education and social psychology from Garrett Biblical Seminary and Northwestern University jointly. He taught in the Wheaton College Graduate School, served as a minister of Christian education, and taught courses at various schools around the world. He developed Sunday school programs, conducted seminars and workshops, and curriculum for Sunday school and home school. He wrote over 200 books, including Christian education texts, theological works, study Bibles, reference works, and devotional helps. 

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Customer Reviews
The 365-Day Devotional Commentary for e-Sword
5 Stars
18 Reviews   Submit Your Review

5 stars
Reviewed by (Dina Elgersma, Wylie, TX, United States) - This devotional commentary provides excellent insight into daily Bible readings. I love it! Its making my time in the Word so much more meaningful.--Not just occasionally, but every day! I highly recommend it

5 stars
Reviewed by (Barbara Myers, CHALFONT, PA, US) - I am really enjoying this. I really love how he rounds out the history background of the times the books of the bible were written. I also like his insights into each personality in the bible and he brings them more to life and presents them as the flawed yet forgiven people that we all are.

5 stars
365 Days Of Excellent Scripture Learning (2/12/2022)
Reviewed by (David D Patrick, Margate, KZN, South Africa) - A remarkable book that substantially enables one to be blessed with a much improved understanding of the Scriptures.

5 stars
Reviewed by (Francis Cheung, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) - I like to follow the daily devotion suggested by this tool. The tool is a good and systematic guideline that encourages me to read the text first and meditate on the text. It then provides aid to keep focus on the central theme, through the highlight of the key text and overview. The tool provides good understanding of the text and then helps me to draw the applications to my Christian walks in the devotion section. Moreover, there are aids in key terms to provide good definitions and many charts to present the summary. Take for example, I have followed from 1 Jan to now up to Jan 25 on Lev. 8-10, each day I am eager to read the Bible for devotion, To be honest sometimes I find it hard when I go thru these chapters, but the tool helps me in understanding the authorized fire and why God commands to follow the sequence of offering, first Sin offering, then Burnt offering and then Peace offering.

5 stars
Very Worthwhile Devotion (1/21/2022)
Reviewed by (Leon Bess, Troy, AL, US) - This commentary is a very good supplemental devotion. I have learned so many new things concerning the word of God and I am excited to continue to utilize this awesome tool with my daily Bible Study. Except the challenge to dig deeper into the word of God. Purchase and encourage others to as well.

5 stars
Excellent in-depth studies. (1/21/2022)
Reviewed by (David J Strain, St Peters, MO, United States) - I LOVE this devotional. VERY well written, and spot-on analysis of the subject matter day by day. I'm finding it to be very informative AND very uplifting and enabling to read every morning!

5 stars
Reviewed by (ARISTOTLE PAPADATOS, ATHENS / AGIA PARASKEVI, ATTIKI, GREECE) - An excellent assistant in the bible study and also in spiritual growth in both knowledge and practicing the Christian life. It covers all the aspects of your everyday living problems and answers most of the questions you may have.

5 stars
very interesting writing (1/15/2022)
Reviewed by (julie clark, Broadstairs, kent, United Kingdom) - this is a very good book even though I have only had it for a couple of weeks it's very informative yet easy to read would recommend it

4 stars
Reviewed by (Glenn Jenkins, Evansville, IN, United States) - I very much like this material. I have one wish though. I know it is written as a daily devotional, but there is much information far more than just a devotional reading. I think it would be helpful if the information was also indexed so a person could go to a particular passage at any time they wanted to study that passage. Thanks

5 stars
Love this Devotional/commentary (1/6/2022)
Reviewed by (Alfonso Luna, FONTANA, CA, United States) - At first I though it was going to be a difficult product but I got into it I readize it has many item that I could glean and my eyes on Him instead of my time in this life. thank you Al Luna

5 stars
Amazing - Go now for it (6/13/2021)
Reviewed by (P Kelly, CABA, Province, Argentina) - After more than forty years studying the Bible, it amazes me how much I'm learning from this resource. It is incredible how it fills one with a recongnition of God and His Christ. The logic nd the :ove of it. At the same time, it is full of humanity, and charity. It's only a few days ago that I began reading it daily, but make yourself a big, big favour: buy (it is really cheap) and use it. I regret not knowing it earlier! You will be learning the most important issue, all your life. Relations about facts and lesson completely new for me. But truthful. I began with the New Testament, you can use iy how you best prefer. Yes I'n enthusiastic about this resource.

5 stars
Excellent Devotional (2/2/2021)
Reviewed by (Mic O, Amherst, WI, US) - I've been reading this devotional for well over 20 years!!! I was so excited to find it here where i do not have to lug the big book when traveling or what i had been doing was taking pictures of the pages to read while traveling. the Word of God is new and active and always has a fresh "new" perspective. this devotional does take a bit of time each day. we usually set aside 30 min to read through it. I highly recommend this book!

5 stars
Love this Devotional! (1/18/2021)
Reviewed by (LaDonna Neel, Seminole, Oklahoma, US) - This devotional has turned out to be my favorite devotional ever. It is not a series of skimpy little feel-good paragraphs but rather good solid meat from the Word of God. This is what I like. I have learned so much in just the two weeks I have had it.

5 stars
Many Uses (1/18/2021)
Reviewed by (Gary Greer, Little Rock, AR, US) - I purchased this resource to help me with a daily Bible study. I am a Sunday School Teacher of elders over 65. I am 80. In reading the 365 Day Devotional I am finding information that I can use in my Sunday School lessons. It is hard to find something new for people in our age bracket. In addition to that, I find myself understanding more of what God's word says. All teachers need that.

4 stars
Helpful overview and application (1/12/2021)
Reviewed by (Ian Pitt, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom) - Provides a helpful overview of the entire Bible in a 365 day format. Each day picks up points to clarify and apply from scripture in the format Overview / Exposition / Devotional application. Some of the comments are idiosyncratic and the application would benefit from a broader world-view but overall this is a worthwhile module to add to e-Sword.

5 stars
Love this commentary (1/12/2021)
Reviewed by (Ervin Alexander, Orlando, Florida, US) - I really love this resource! I use it every time I read the scripture. Great insight, great background that gives you context with the scripture. You will not be disappointed with this resource.

5 stars
Dagboek (1/12/2021)
Reviewed by (Frans van der Merwe, Kelowna, BC, Canada) - Good

5 stars
Awesome Resource (1/12/2021)
Reviewed by (Ervin Alexander, Orlando, Florida, US) - I love this resource! It is filled with background information and application for us today that is very helpful! I highly recommend it!

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