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Why YOU need the Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury
 by Jerome H. Smith 

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Everyone who reads the Bible can benefit by using the Ultimate Cross Reference TreasuryEven if you have never seen or never used cross references before, once you use them, you will like what they do.

Cross references guide you to other passages in the Bible that are like the verse where you start from.  This likeness may be that the verse linked by a cross reference further develops the subject, or tells you more about it. This means cross references amplify the impact of the message in the verse you start from.

When might you want to explore the cross references given for any verse in the Bible? 

- When reading a Bible chapter, you encounter a striking verse.  To find more verses like that verse, use the cross references.You have a favorite verse in the Bible.  You will enjoy reading the other verses in the Bible that relate to that one.While reading the Bible you come across a verse you do not understand.  Get help by reading what the rest of the Bible says about the subjects in that verse by reading the cross references given.

- You are encouraged by a verse highlighted in a daily devotional resource, and want more of that kind of inspiration.  Enjoy the cross references given in the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury.

- Your pastor highlights several verses in his sermon.  Increase the impact of the pastor's message by taking time to read the cross references for those verses.

- There are many more situations where you will be helped by consulting the cross references given in the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury.

Once you experience the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury, it will likely become your favorite Bible study tool--the "go to" resource that lets the Bible explain itself. It is a resource that gives help at more Bible verses than any other resource you can own.  It will also amplify the helpfulness of any other Bible reading helps you may already have.

Learn HOW TO USE this resource here. 

The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword

What is special about what is contained in the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury?
It can be used profitably by anyone of any age who knows how to read.  Here is a resource that young people should be taught to use.  It will grow their faith like no other resource available.

If you know how to read, you know enough to benefit greatly from the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury. Yes, many pastors use this resource—actually all pastors ought to.  But this resource has been designed to help everyone, not just pastors.  I designed it so whether a person is altogether new to Bible reading and study, or is considered a renowned Bible scholar, this resource has the content that will meet your need to get more out of your Bible.

Unlike any other resource, the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury is designed to be helpful to every user, no matter what level of prior knowledge the user brings to bear upon the study of the Bible.  This resource allows you to start where you are, as you are, and experience the Bible and the blessing it can bring to your life and, what is often missing in many other resources, the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury is designed to meet the needs of every user, no matter how deep any user wants to go.

hat you need to know first to make the best use of the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury:

- This resource works like a commentary that explains every verse in the Bible, but unlike most commentaries, this resource points you to what the Bible itself has to say about whatever subject, topic, or idea is in a verse, and where else in the Bible to find it.

- This resource makes use of given symbols with the references to assist you in using the cross reference.  The "+" symbol means "find more about this here," and going to that verse will let you find even more helpful related verses.  The "*" symbol means "this is a clear reference helpful to any Bible reader."  The "**" symbol means "this is a very important cross reference:  be sure to read it."  These are the basic symbols used most frequently.

- The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury contains more cross references than any other resource previously published, print or digital.  The reference symbols help you focus on the references that are of greatest interest and help to you when time does not permit you to read them all.  But the reason for providing so many cross references is to let you dig much further into the Bible when a particular subject interests or concerns you and you want to learn all that the Bible has to say about it.

Learn HOW TO USE this resource here.

The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword


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