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The Bible Knowledge Commentary OT & NT Set for e-Sword

Roy B. Zuck , John F. Walvoord
Cook Communications


5 Stars

Expert help from Bible scholars in understanding the Scriptures! 

This proven commentary, edited by trusted scholars Roy B. Zuck and John F. Walvoord, offers expert help in revealing and applying the Scriptures. It answers the essential Bible questions:

• What does the verse mean?

• How should I interpret this passage?

 • What is the significance of this word or phrase in Greek or Hebrew?

 • How do Bible-time customs help me understand this passage?

 • How can this alleged contradiction be explained?

 • How does information about the author, historical background, and features of a Bible Book help interpret the passage?

This proven commentary answers these and many other questions, verse-by-verse and often phrase-by-phrase. Popular in style but based in profound scholarship, it will shed light on the mysteries and complexities of God's Word.

The Bible Knowledge Commentary is designed to help all Bible students, from the beginner, who will find it easy-to-understand and easy-to-use, to the advanced, who will find it consistently thorough and reliable. You will quickly find this commentary in your "most-used" library of resources. The Bible Knowledge Commentary is based on the best-selling New International Version, but is useful with any Bible translation.

It is written and edited by the world renkowned Dallas Theological Seminary faculty.


Charles R. Swindoll, Chancellor, Dallas Theological Seminary and Bible Teacher, says: "The Bible Knowledge Commenatary is true to the text, to the point, and yet meaty enough to give serious students of the Bible something to chew on. I need it. I use it. I recommend it."

Roy B. Zuck (ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is senior professor emeritus of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary where he has been teaching for the past 23 years. He has also served as vice president for Academic Affairs and academic dean. Dr. Zuck’s ministry is noted for clear exposition of Scripture with emphasis on application of the Bible to life. He is the author or editor of more than 90 books, has written scores of articles, and has long served as editor of Bibliotheca Sacra.
During his sixty years as an author, pastor, teacher, and educator, Dr. John F. Walvoord articulated a comprehensive view of biblical knowledge. He served Dallas Theological Seminary for more than half a century as faculty member, president and chancellor. He continued to teach and preach until a few weeks before his death in 2002.

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Customer Reviews
The Bible Knowledge Commentary OT & NT Set for e-Sword
5 Stars
64 Reviews   Submit Your Review

5 stars
A superb Commentary (12/18/2023)
Reviewed by (William Banks, Hamilton, UK, Scotland) - A superb Commentary

4 stars
Reviewed by (Bob Kilmer, Roaring Springs, Texas, United States) - The Bible Knowledge Commentary has been helpful in my studies. It has given me a different insight, challenged me to think about a passage in other ways.

5 stars
Great commentary (3/22/2023)
Reviewed by (Mike C, Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom) - A great insight to Biblical pages throughout scripture

5 stars
Reviewed by (Ellen Ryan, El Campo, Texas, US) - This Has been a wonderful commentary. It has Been great to download it into my E sword app for quick, at your hand, study of the verses. Sometimes, it is so hard to go on reading your bible , without understanding a part of it. This is perfect. Quick, easy, to the point-Taking you to other verses that back up the viewpoint. It usually makes my study turn into a much deeper and broader lesson! It Takes into account and is published from a perspective that includes an earthly millennial kingdom and consistently carries that view, correctly, throughout the commentary. The earthly kingdom understanding, finally made the bible clear snd consistent. No more contradictions!

4 stars
Very useful (12/14/2022)
Reviewed by (Judy Hammond, Waters, Michigan, US) - Nice addition to my downloaded commentaries--I've been using it more than the others it seems.

5 stars
Highly recommended..! (10/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Chris Foster, Yakima, WA, United States) - I recommend this to any who are serious about studying God's Word. I have this set in book form as well as in other digital formats and it has served me well over the years.

5 stars
Love this commentary (8/15/2022)
Reviewed by (Tina Stasik, Caro, michigan, US) - I love this commentary, use it almost daily, helps in understaanding some bible scripture especially in the old testament. Thank you so much for suppling them. Tina

5 stars
Great Resource (8/5/2021)
Reviewed by (Ervin Alexander, Orlando, FL, United States) - Another great resource from E-Sword. I use it frequently!

5 stars
Great Resource (11/11/2020)
Reviewed by (Clark Smith, Willow, Alaska, US) - The Bible Knowledge Commentary is an excellent helps in your Bible studies. I would recommend this to anyone teaching or studying the Word. It pretty much address every scripture and does so with very informative thoughts and references to add to the understanding each verse. I am very pleased with this purchase.

5 stars
Reviewed by (Mar Franco, San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines) - This is an excellent source for serious study of bible providing clear insights and context of the passages.

4 stars
Reviewed by (John Walsh, Clifton, Maine, US) - The insights offered are not only clear but concise. Not willing to lead but inform. I appreciate the perspicuity of the scriptures this work offers.

5 stars
Absolute-well worth it (10/19/2019)
Reviewed by (Jacob Rodriguez, new braunfels, tx, US) - I've been using e-Sword 10+ yrs, & discovered new & insightful tools. Most recent downloaded BK Commentary OT&NT. this has opened a wealth of useful information to fully understand God's Word. From devotionals, commentaries, to dictionaries & encyclopedias. Creating your own Journal Notes as you read on certain topics. ALL in one & keeps everything in place. I've recommended this tool to my church family & have heard back from some saying...'it's what I've been looking for!'

5 stars
Digitalk Version (7/27/2019)
Reviewed by (Allen S, Redondo Beach, CA, United States) - Love the digital version. Have used the two volume set for years and now with the digital version I'm very happy.

5 stars
Reviewed by (STEVEN HARNESS, WINTER HAVEN, FL, United States) - Love this commentary, and it works great in E-Sword!

5 stars
Great Commentary (3/10/2019)
Reviewed by (LEX CULLEN, PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA) - This is a great commentary, I have used it in preference to my other commentaries since I purchased it. The authors clarify things which many commentaries don't even touch on. I like the fact that they believe the Bible as it is, without too much allegory or spiritualising of the text unless it is clearly required. Dispensations are clearly taught right through the Bible, and without them, way too much is left to the imagination of the commentator, rather than the clear Word of God. Thank you to the authors for a great commentary.

5 stars
My “go to” handy reference (10/30/2018)
Reviewed by (Thomas Garner, Prineville, Oregon, US) - For years I have had the hard cover Old and New Testament copies of The Bible Knowledge Commentary. Now to have them both at my fingertips through e-Sword on my iPhone is wonderful.

5 stars
Bible Knowledge Commentary (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (T Davee, Austin, Texas, USA) -

I had hard copies of the BKC but wanted to add it to eSword for convenience. These are great conservative OT and NT commentary of the scriptures. I highly recommend adding them to your electronic library for easy reference as needed at Bible Study

5 stars
excellent (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Richard Kephart, Chesapeake, va, US) - Have enjoyed the Bible knowledge commentary immensely, it's a great addition to any library.

5 stars
Jonathan (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Jonathan Hernandez, Sun Valley, California, United States) - helps me find more in depth meanings in the scripture. recommend it.

5 stars
Excellent Conservative Commentary (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Syd Cleveland, Hartsel, Colorado, US) - The Bible Knowledge Commentary is an excellent conservative Commentary. It is quite comprehensive but not filled with fluff. It is concise and accurate. Have used the print version through out 33 years of pastoral ministry, the electronic version is even better and costs half the price. Highly recommended!

4 stars
Worth the price (12/23/2016)
Reviewed by (Kerby Rials, Bastogne, Province of Luxembourg, BELGIUM) - I have been pleased with this commentary. It always seems to have something helpful and succinct to say, and it is a modern commentary of both the Old and New Testaments. Worth every penny. It lacks the personal illustrations of J. Vernon McGee, however, but it has a comment on almost every verse (unlike many commentaries which just give you a summary of the chapter, or run all comments together on a subject (like Matthew Henry), making it a bit more work to find what you are looking for. It stays away from the wordiness of John Gill and the extraneous detail of minor points often found in the NICOT and NICNT. The only problem I have is that sometimes the commentary is just a rephrasing of the passage concerned, and is not particularly insightful.

5 stars
Excellent Commentary Resource !! A Must Buy For Bible Students (11/12/2016)
Reviewed by (Susan K, Dublin 9, Co. Dublin, Ireland) - Excellent Bible Commentary Resource!!! I am pleased with the estudy product for esword hd. Exactly the same notes in digital edition as in the hard copy. I also ready possess the hardcopy but I prefer to have the digital edition with me all the time. It's worth it!! A Must buy for a serious bible student !!!

5 stars
Excellent Resource (8/7/2016)
Reviewed by (Lynette Fowlston, Paris, TN, US) - While doing a study in Genesis this book was recommended. I have found it very valuable for anything that I am having to look up. I like the way it provides an exclamation to the verse you are looking at.

5 stars
Still a good after all these years. (9/2/2015)
Reviewed by (EDWARD WRIGHT, ODENTON, MD - Maryland, US) - I have used the hard copy since 1986. I find it well written and easy to understand. It may not answer all your Biblical questions, but it has helped me.

5 stars
Excellent commentary (6/2/2015)
Reviewed by (Mike Stephens, Durham, NC, US) - Bible commentary was what I was looking for on my iPad and PC. Process of purchasing and downloading was easy and fast. Thank you.

5 stars
Very Good (6/2/2015)
Reviewed by (Karolus Japutra, Jakarta, DKI JKT, Indonesia) - This commentary should be in "must to have" list.

5 stars
Exceptional (6/2/2015)
Reviewed by (ram vandereay, Handan, Hubei, China) - After reading the reviews, just as you are doing now, I decided to purchase this commentary and since I'm located in China I pay 6 x's more for a USD purchase... I feel the commentary is worth every penny. Hat's off to Rick Meyers for the great software product E-Sword!

5 stars
Bible Knowledge Commentary (1/21/2015)
Reviewed by (Gene Higgins, Haddonfield, New Jersey, United States) - This is a "must-have" study tool for Bible study. While it may not delve as deeply into each verse as single-book commentaries do, it is consistently helpful in grasping the meaning of Biblical passages. Well worth the money!

5 stars
For a 2 vol. commentary this is great (1/6/2015)
Reviewed by (Mark Adams, McDonald, Kansas, United States) - I am a pastor and have this commentary set in both hard copy and on my office computer. I like it so well that I purchased is for my personal laptop computer as well so I could have it available when traveling. As a pastor I would not rely on any single volume or set of commentaries, but I believe this set is a good reference to have. E-sword has been a blessing to my ministry saving me many hours of typing in my sermon and lesson preparations as well as in searching for various items through the use of their concordances. Many of the e-sword helps I have on my office computer I also have in hard copy from years gone by but e-sword is quicker and more convenient to use.

5 stars
The Bible Knowledge Commentary (7/7/2014)
Reviewed by (Frederick B. Bischoff Jr., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US) - The Bible Knowledge Commentary is a big help in my Bible study, I like how it gives other verses that back up what it is talking about. Thank you, Praise be to GOD.

5 stars
Love it (7/7/2014)
Reviewed by (Bill Cairns, Edmonton, AB, Canada) - This is proving to be very helpful and I appreciate the way it coordinates within e-sword.

5 stars
The Bible Knowledge Commentary (5/11/2014)
Reviewed by (Enoch Oakes, Redcar, CLEVELAND, England) - I found this commentary immediately useable, and put it alongside the "Believers Bible Commentary" in terms of quality and help. If anyone wishes for a verse by verse (or paragraph by paragraph in parts of the OT) commentary for help in understanding the background and meaning of the words, I would recommend purchase of this e-sword book. God bless, Michael

5 stars
Detailed Commentary (5/11/2014)
Reviewed by (Enoch Daniell, Fayetteville, GA, US) - I have four Commentaries and all are good. However, I like the Bible Knowledge Commentary for its detail. Also it is written by more than one person so you have more than one view on any given verse. I switch between it and McAuthur.

5 stars
Great choice (4/15/2014)
Reviewed by (Randall Grindinger, Rockford, IL, US) - This was a great choice for a commentary and bible background source combined! Sometimes you need to just let the verse speak to you as you meditate, and some times you need a theology or a history professor to come along side of you and give you all the background. The timelines are especially valuable if you have a project that needs that special overview of a time period that enlightens a topic.

5 stars
Great one stop source (9/4/2013)
Reviewed by (Kevin Callaway, Dallas, Tx, US) - Perhaps the best single source of info a person could use. Written by men who have devoted their lives to the study of God's Word. Great buy, highly recommend!

5 stars
Bible Commentaries (6/16/2013)
Reviewed by (Donald Miller, Williamsport, PA, US) - I recently added The Bible Knowledge Commentary(BKC) to my suite of e-Sword commentaries. I find it concise and very helpful, following scripture line-by-line through both OT and NT. It's well worth the low price to have such a valuable tool. I recommend it highly, as well as the Believers Bible Commentary(BBC) and Baker's New Testament Bible Commentary(BNTC), both of which I also use. These are my "big three" newer sources of information regarding scripture. They stand alongside the Matthew Henry and F.B.Meyer, as well as a few others that e-Sword generously supplies with the basic program. I use all the features of e-Sword, especially the text editor, as I find this the most effective way of studying the bible and of doing the weekly lessons for Bible Study Fellowship. Of course, the commentaries are only referred to after answering the questions, giving The Spirit first chance to lead. I now take my computer to each bible study I'm involved with, simply because it's so handy to have so many different versions of the bible just a mouse-click away. But the commentaries and dictionary are invaluable tools as well for anyone who wants to gain a more in-depth knowledge of God's Word. Thank you, e-Sword, for giving me such an important tool for developing a closer relationship with my Savior!

5 stars
Favorite Commentary (6/16/2013)
Reviewed by (Charles Gallini, Comstock Park, Michigan, US) - The Bible Knowledge Commentary has long been my favorite go to commentary as a Bible teacher of many years. The insights are written in such a way that you don't have to have a seminary education to understand what is presented in the subject, book or chapter or verse. Now in electronic format, it is so much more accessible for study without having to search through the paper version. Thank you for making this valuable resource to the e-sword family of study resources.

4 stars
Very useful (6/16/2013)
Reviewed by (Joe Naumann, Florissant, Missouri, U.S.A.) - Helpful in my Bible study group

5 stars
Bible Knowledge (6/16/2013)
Reviewed by (Larry Welch, Jacksonville, Alabama, US) - Great product.

5 stars
Very Good Commentary! (6/16/2013)
Reviewed by (Scott Denham, Shambaugh, Iowa, United States) - I have a number of e-Sword (purchased) commentaries and this one is, by far the best. It has the right mixture of interpretation, significant Hebrew/Greek words, and a careful exegesis. Both scholars and novices will find it very helpful

5 stars
First Choice When Studying (4/30/2013)
Reviewed by (Crystal Samples, GRANVILLE, Ohio, United States) - If I had to pick one commentary to stay with, this would be it. Nice blend of practical with technical commentary and explains obscure passages the best of the commentaries I read. Solidly orthodox evangelical Christian. I highly recommend this commentary.

5 stars
Good Product (4/30/2013)
Reviewed by (bruce waldschmidt, Powell, tennessee, US) - Good Product

5 stars
Worth It (4/2/2013)
Reviewed by (William Brabble III, Roper, NC, US) - I have enjoyed the books for a long time but it so easy to have it in e-Sword. I like having everything close for quick reference and I have great confidence in Walvoord & Zuck.

5 stars
Great Commentary (12/14/2012)
Reviewed by (Patrick Whitehead, Corrigan, Texas, USA) - I really like this commentary and use it often. It is not written in the archaic English of some of the old standard commentaries. I recommend this for any preacher or Bible study addict like myself.

4 stars
Used Often (10/18/2012)
Reviewed by (Mark Adams, McDonald, KS, US) - As a pastor I normally use numerous commentaries in the preparation of a message. One of the six I nearly always use when preparing a message from the NT is the Bible Knowledge Commentary. It is a blessing to have this commentary on my computer where I can copy and paste directly from the source into my study or preaching notes. I highly recommend this commentary even though there are some areas where I disagree with the commentator. For a two volume commentary it is one of the best that I am aware of.

5 stars
BKC Review (10/4/2012)
Reviewed by (Jeff Bell, Bakersfield, CA, US) - Great resource for commentary information and application. I own the volumes in print and in electronic format and it's great to be able to copy and paste. I consider BKC a foundational resource for my studies. Highly recommend.

5 stars
I couldn't believe it! (9/15/2012)
Reviewed by (Claire Hoffman, Cincinnati, Ohio, US) - I have used Walvoord and Zuck's Bible Knowledge Commentary ever since I seriously started to study the Bible! It is the best basic commentary to start with, after you've read the passage and gleaned what the Holy Spirit is teaching you first. Having it electronically is very handed, though it seems none of the maps or illustrations came over electronically. The charts are handy to have electronically though. Definitely worth it!

5 stars
Excellent Resource (6/2/2012)
Reviewed by (Mike Bass, Carthage, NC, US) - This is an excellent offering from the Evangelical school of thought. I like a good balance with my secondary sources. And this is a great resource concerning that balance.

3 stars
Reliable Commentary (3/24/2012)
Reviewed by (Brian Day, Margate, Kent, U.K.) - I have not had this commentary very long but in the areas in which I have used it I have found it helpful. It is concise without being lightweight and holds to a high view of Scripture as being throughout the word of God. At times it appears more like a concordance with multiple cross references and tends to proceed with a word for word commentary which is available by using a Bible translation that has Strong's numbers embedded in it; such as the KJV+ or the NASB+. The actual comments on the passage are warm but not particulary devotional. This is a useful commentary but there are better ones available. (I personally have benefitted from the Believer's Bible Commentary as a concise study guide, The Baker's NT Commentary for a fully detailed commentary and of course Matthew Henry as a good, although dated, devotional commentary. I have also benefitted from the Preacher's Commentary.)

5 stars
Great (2/28/2012)
Reviewed by (Sheila Williams, McComb, MS, US) - All of reference tools are in one place to read wherever I go via E-sword.

5 stars
Old Faithful (2/28/2012)
Reviewed by (Mario Mendoza, Boquete, Chriqui, Panama) -

As a DTS grad, I have used this commentary for years. Still like to help new believers learn with this commentary. I used to have to get out an old computer with a program that has this commentary. Now it is all in one with Esword. Thanks eStudySource!

4 stars
I like this comentary (2/7/2012)
Reviewed by (Ruediger Nullmeier, Haiger, Hessen, Germany) -

this Commentary is a great help in bible study.

4 stars
Reviewed by (David Klahr, Myerstown, PA, US) - a commentary that is written with the all types of readers in mind. an easy read and easily understood, doesn't "go over" one's head! Also love the many scriptural references. A must for Sunday School teachers for any age level.

5 stars
Great Book (12/29/2011)
Reviewed by (William Booth, Altha, Florida, US) - I use the BKC almost every day in my studies and have found it to be very excellent and noteworthy. A welcomed asset to my collection.

5 stars
Great Book (12/29/2011)
Reviewed by (William Booth, Altha, Florida, US) - I have used the BKC for some time now in other Bible programs and I really think it is a great commentary. It will be a good addition to my ESword program.

5 stars
Understanding the Word (9/21/2011)
Reviewed by (Timothy M., Newport News, VA, US) - The Bible Knowledge Commentary is quickly becoming one of my main commentaries for in-depth study of the Word. The mix of going through the meaning of the original words and straight forward commentary that places the original words in an understandable context is outstanding. I have many other commentaries that I use, but this is becoming my favorite. Highly Recommend.

5 stars
review of The Bible Knowledge Commentary (9/21/2011)
Reviewed by (Clyde Euteneier, Sumpter, OR, US) - I just this commentary just it time for a study of John:8 What a great commentary it was very helpful I am very glade I got it.

4 stars
Great resource! (9/7/2011)
Reviewed by (Timothy Morbitzer, North Manchester, Indiana, United States) -

As a pastor-teacher, I have found this Commentary to be very informative, helpful, enlightening and easy to use. Not overly wordy or technical, but good practical help and information. I have accessed many commentaries in over 30 years of pastoral ministry and I think this is one of the better ones. I highly recommend it to the serious student of God's Word, and those who are just hungry for more revelation!

5 stars
The Best (9/7/2011)
Reviewed by (Tim Burkett, Waxhaw, NC, US) -

This commentary is my number one source when I want to understand the Word. I use it all the time in my Bible teaching and it always has proper insight. I own the books, but it sure is easier to look on the computer if that is where you are doing your research anyways. I would recommend this as the first choice if you need to buy a commentary.

4 stars
The Bible Knowledge Commentary OT & NT Set for e-Sword PC (8/10/2011)
Reviewed by (Michael Gearhart, Watervliet, MI, US) -

Excellent content. Had some trouble downloading and installing at first or I would give 5 stars

5 stars
Great Source of Information (7/20/2011)
Reviewed by (Elaine Kucik, Scottdale, Pa, US) -

The Bible Knowledge Commentary Old and New Testament is a great source of information. I could not afford to buy the books; the electronic version for e-Sword was reasonable for the wealth of information contained in this commentary.
God's Word is so vital to a Christian's Spiritual life. God speaks to us through His Word, it is food to our souls. At times a commentary will add vital information to our understanding of the gems hidden to the mind in the Word of God. Thank You for making it available to us! May God continue to Bless your work.

4 stars
I made a good choice... (7/20/2011)
Reviewed by (Rob D., Spokane, Washington, US) -

This is a great tool. I use it as I read my devotions. Very easy to read along with as The Bible Knowledge Commentary adds to and explains to the reader the deeper truths of God's Word.

5 stars
Finally In A Searchable Format! (3/23/2011)
Reviewed by (Randy Young, Des Moines, Iowa, US) - The Bible Knowledge Commentary is easily one of the most solid, exegetical sources I've come across. After 25 years of thumbing through a hard copy, I'm so glad that it is now in a searchable format on e-sword!

4 stars
A major work (3/11/2011)
Reviewed by (Stephen Jovanovic, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand) - For serious exegetical help in understanding Scripture, this has to be one of the best Bible Commentaries I've come across. For such a work to come from a Theological Seminary, where most works are mainly from individual authors, speaks volumes to the quality of the work. This work contains a huge wealth of exposition which can only be regarded a an incredible blessing.

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