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Wuest - The New Testament: An Expanded Translation for e-Sword

Kenneth S. Wuest


5 Stars

A World of New Understanding!

Unlike other versions of the New Testament, this translation uses as many English words as are necessary to bring out the richness, force, and clarity of the Greek Text. The Greek New Testament is full of drama, stark contrasts, action, rebukes, and abrupt exclamation, but standard versions don't fully convey them. This carefully researched translation pays close attention to the original style and force, sentence structure, and verb tense meanings. It succeeds in bringing out the richness and clarity of the Greek. 

Wuest’s version conveys the richness of the Greek language in several important categories: word order, word meaning, distinctions between Greek synonyms, the special force of the Greek negative, the type of action expressed by the Greek verbs, the presence or absence of the Greek article, the distinctions between hypothetical and fulfilled conditions, and the precise meaning of commonly transliterated words. All of these are aspects of the original language that are difficult to render in English. For example:

NKJV Wuest
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. And stop assuming an outward expression that does not come from within you and is not representative of what you are in your inner being but is patterned after this age; but change your outward expression to one that comes from within and is representative of your inner being, by the renewing of your mind, resulting in your putting to the test what is the will of God, the good and well-pleasing and complete will, and having found that it meets specifications, place your approval upon it.

NOTE: Paragraph divisions are used to help the reader interpret each verse within its context. Thus the conventional chapter and verse numberings are given at the beginning of a paragraph in a range format.

Kenneth S. Wuest was professor of New Testament Greek at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois, until his death in 1962. His other works include the three-volume Word Studies in the Greek New Testament.

Be sure to obtain the companion Wuest - Word Studies in the Greek Testament. 


  • Introduces readers with no knowledge of Greek to the original language of the New Testament
  • Captures the style and nuances of the original writings
  • Brings out the full meaning of each Greek word
  • Structures sentences according to the Greek word order placing the emphases where the original writers put them
  • Clarifies distinctions between Greek synonyms that are often simply rendered in other translations by the same English word
  • Arranges the text into paragraphs, helping readers to better grasp the logical units of thought
  • Serves as a valuable companion to, or commentary on other versions of the New Testament

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Customer Reviews
Wuest - The New Testament: An Expanded Translation for e-Sword
5 Stars
86 Reviews   Submit Your Review

5 stars
A must for the Christian library (5/16/2023)
Reviewed by (Moshe D., Daleville, VA, US) - What we have in most translations is the absence of the verb tense. We say "whoever believes" when we should say "whoever is believing right now". This can make a great difference. Wuest took care of this. When you read your favorite translation, you MUST have this open next to it as you consider the passage you are reading. Lest you be robbed of the tense.

5 stars
Most accurate translation without reading Greek! (1/22/2023)
Reviewed by (Shane Smith, Littlestown, Pennsylvania, US) - Best and most accurate translation without you being able to read Greek. Would highly recommend to any student of the word.

5 stars
Wuest (12/30/2022)
Reviewed by (Dixie Jasinto, North Ridgeville, OH, UnitedStates) - This is a absolutely great translation. Thanks so much for making it available.

5 stars
Great resource (12/14/2022)
Reviewed by (Jimmy Miller, Travelers Rest, South Carolina, US) - Wuest has occupied space on my bookshelf for many years and now it occupies digital space in my computer and I am greatly enjoying having access to this resource within the E-Sword app. Thank you

5 stars
My new favorite translation (6/9/2022)
Reviewed by (Ferrel Wiley, Upatoi, Georgia, US) - This is a good translation for me -- between the NASB and the Amplified -- by a great scholar. My new favorite version.

5 stars
Great Study Translation (3/29/2022)
Reviewed by (Jimmy De Busch, Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia) - Kenneth Wuest is a great expositor of the New Testament and in particular Apostle Paul’s writings. Brother Wuest had a great knowledge of the Greek Text and articulates the translation well so that even the basest of learners can understand. I recommend and endorse Kenneth Wuest Translation

5 stars
Add new depth to your studies (3/24/2022)
Reviewed by (William Morphis, Arvada, CO, US) - Wuest’s knowledge of language and tense open up to the read new depth and understanding in what the Bible says. This book is a must have for any serious Bible student.

5 stars
Wuest New Testament (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (George Shrader, Brownsville, TX 78520, US) - This New Testament has become my go-to Bible when I need more explanation of Scripture - it is more like an excellent commentary. I highly recommend this small fee to increase the size of one's bible-study program. I have used e-Sword from its inception and it is developing to be the very best Android Bible-study program, and it is FREE! I have purchased several add-ons to make it an excellent tool for helping other Christians read God Word. Now, I can project my devices onto my 52inch TV screen to be used for teaching a Bible-Study class in my home, starting in January 2022. The Covid pandemic and e-Sword has been a double-blessing for me, allowing me to read and study every verse of the New Testament and most of the Old Testament, as well.

5 stars
A great work of God (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Jeremias Antonetty, New York, New York, United States) - First of all I want to congratulate eSword for a Beautiful work of God I creating this software. I use it every day and I am intrigued on how wonderful everything connects together. Thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord. I always was intrigued by, "Wuest" and his insight to the new testament text and his insight to the words which gives you a clearer picture of what the text is saying. You certainly can trust in his authority of Scripture. I invite you to purchase not only this work but many others on eSwords website because everyone of them Will help you to become a greater Bible student. I have purchased quite a few modules and I am totally satisfied with every one of them. Please continue the good work and I pray God's speed!

5 stars
great addition to library (10/2/2021)
Reviewed by (Bo Ortega, N/A, Cavite, PH) - A great addition to my library and comes at an excellent price.

5 stars
Good Resource (8/5/2021)
Reviewed by (Carolyn Millard, Martinsville, Indiana, US) - This was a great addition to my library. The price is excellent and the book is insightful.

5 stars
Wuest - Il Nuovo Testamento: una traduzione ampliata (3/28/2021)
Reviewed by (Massimiliano Catalano, Imperia, Italia, Italia) - Wuest - The New Testament: An Expanded Translation

5 stars
Most accurate New Testament translation (1/12/2021)
Reviewed by (Dean Langley, Bloomington, Indiana, US) - The Wuest translation is the most accurate translation of the New Testament. It bridges the gap between Greek and English. Its a bit wordy so the way I like to use it is this. As I’m studying an English translation I will consult the Wuest translation alongside the Greek interlinear. There are wonderful gems to be had in the Greek and this brings them out.

4 stars
Recent purchase (5/14/2020)
Reviewed by (David Baker, Kingston, Ontario, Canada) - Wuest - The New Testament: An Expanded Translation for e-Sword

5 stars
Pastor (Emeritus) (4/13/2020)
Reviewed by (Peter Keefe, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa) - God blessed me with the honour to be active in fulltime ministry since 1978, during this period E-sword was the main source of most of my studies. Starting my ministry writing all notes and texts by hand on index cards. With the breaking of computers, I single E-sword as the biggest advantage that was packaged with the new technology. Having the privilege of parallel insight in different versions and commentaries teaching your church. I still receive compliments on my approach using the different versions. I was blessed by E-sword up to this day in my private studies. God bless Peter Keefe

5 stars
Wrest - The New Testament (4/13/2020)
Reviewed by (Chien-Kang Tseng, Kaohsiung, N/A, Taiwan) - Wuest’s New Testament helps the user with no Greek at all understand the NT better with its accurate paraphrases rooted in the Greek original. Wonderful software!

5 stars
An excellent reference! (1/7/2020)
Reviewed by (Dayeton Larson, Elliot Lake, ON, Canada) - It's a great addition to my study tools!

5 stars
Outstanding resource (1/7/2020)
Reviewed by (Tom Reeves, Lawrenceburg, Tn, US) - I'm very fussy in my choice of resources when studying and prepare my sermons and lessons. Wuest is very accurate and trustworthy.

5 stars
Brings out a deeper understanding (11/24/2019)
Reviewed by (Lee Gordon, Des Moines, IA, US) - Wuest gives an expanded translation, which includes as many English words as are necessary, to convey the full meaning of the Greek. It's a very easy way to get a deeper understanding of Scripture, that you'd otherwise have to study hours to obtain. I also like that this version includes paragraph formatting, which helps comprehend the Bible in context.

5 stars
Great resource (11/24/2019)
Reviewed by (Michael Foster, Murrieta, California, United States) - Nice to have this on E-sword now I have the paperback of this bible.

5 stars
Excellent (7/27/2019)
Reviewed by (Bonnie Crowell, elizabethtown, KY, US) - I enjoy using the various offerings here to use with ESword! Thank You

4 stars
Reviewed by (Brian Greenhow, Bo'ness, West Lothian, Scotland) - Still getting used to format & linking with other analytical programs but seems to be a useful addition.

5 stars
Thanks for the product (7/27/2019)
Reviewed by (John Page, MEDFORD, OREGON, US) - I have Wuest's products in print, but wanted to add them to eSword. This purchased was motivated by an in-depth revised translation of the New Testament by Dr. C. Gordon Olson, "The Resurrection New Testament: An Enhanced Translation -- Outstandingly Accurate in Common English." Students of Wuest should also get hold of a copy of this very important contribution to New Testament scholarship and study. You will understand why upon reading Olson's Introduction (which recommends Wuest as well).

5 stars
Very informative (8/14/2018)
Reviewed by (Michelle Levandowsky, SCOTTSDALE, AZ, United States) - What I've read is very thorough and informative. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to know word origin or what the Bible really says. It takes the place of footnote in hard copy Bibles and enhances the information on the translation.

5 stars
Excellent (6/3/2018)
Reviewed by (Sharon David, Roseburg, Or, US) - Love it!

5 stars
Greek for laymen (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (scott egbert, kuala lumpur, kuala lumpur, Malaysia) - Wuest brilliantly lays out deeper and richer meanings has he translates the Greek into usable English expression.

5 stars
Great study aid. Very convenient (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Rylan Rydberg, Kimberling City, MO, United States) - I have used this a lot. Look under the window drop box to find most of the books included.

5 stars
Rev (4/16/2018)
Reviewed by (Jimmie True, Crystal City, Missouri, US) - I’m in the middle of matriculating Regent University’s MDIV program, and e-sword has been an invaluable asset in my repertoire towards exegetical studies. My professors have made particular mention about the citations I make relating to my e-sword commentaries and dictionaries. Enjoying this digital revolution.

5 stars
Greek clarity (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Darryl Henchie, Perth, Western Australia, Australia ????) - Always love how Wuest clarifies the Greek context.

5 stars
Great Help and Insights (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Mark Atterson, Purcell, OK, United States) - I have been a great fan of Kenneth Weust since the early 1980's when I first read his Expanded New Testament translation. To have his notes on many of the New Testament books is a tremendous bonus to my Bible studies and research.

5 stars
Awesome (12/15/2017)
Reviewed by (Chan Smith, Bedford, Ky, US) - I love this translation of the New Testament. A must for reading the New Testament in its fullness.

5 stars
Thanks to a friend (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Phil Gould, Liscomb, Iowa, US) - Thanks to a friend who read from his hardcopy in Sunday school and later give me his older copy of his Wuest NT, I had to have a companion copy available in e-Sword. It's like having a Bible and mini-commentary all in one.

5 stars
Great Resource (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Hugh Diggins Sr, Pittsford, Vermont, US) - This is a great resource for pastors, teachers, students and anyone else who is interested in a broader understanding of the original language of the New Testament. I use it often in my sermon prep.

5 stars
Good Translation (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Johannes Rossouw, Potchefstroom, Northwest, South Africa) - Came to trust the insight of Moody Institute teachers.

2 stars
I had different expectations (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (C Emerson, Auckland, n.a., New Zealand) - I got excited about this and the associated Word Studies, since I'm a word studies nerd. The combination while insightful and informative was not what I had expected. Had I done more research I likely would not have made this purchase. But since I have, it is good to have another translation available for comparison. The word studies are more commentary, but that's fine; they'll come in handy I'm sure for the moments where applicable. The translation is a bit of a merger between the Amplified and the Message. It is by no means bad, just not what I was expecting, and that's okay.

5 stars
David (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (David Carpenter, Florence, AL, United States) - Haven't had time to fully review but like what I see

5 stars
Excellent! (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Danail Yordanov, Silistra, (none), Bulgaria) - This translation literally immerses you into the time when the word was spoken. It clarifies the meaning without looking into dictionaries.

5 stars
So accessible! (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Rena Reeve, Knoxville, TN, United States) - I have loved using Kenneth Wuest's translation for a long time, and having it on my computer now makes it so easy to use! The binding on my soft-cover copy is coming apart, but I don't have to worry about that with this one!

5 stars
Very Helpful (7/1/2017)
Reviewed by (Lorraine MCGEE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States) - Very helpful for my study purposes. However, downloaded both and they blended so that I am not sure how to access the second publication

5 stars
Reviewed by (cliff carr, granbury, TX, US) - Great Bible versions works wonderfully

5 stars
For the Greekless student (2/9/2017)
Reviewed by (Joan Korte, Newport, MI, US) - Wuest was a professor of New Testament at Moody Bible Institute. His expanded translation and also word studies (commentary) are readable and easily comprehended by the student who does not know Greek. If you have tried to learn Greek and failed, get Wuest's resources. And if you know Greek, get Wuest's resources. He does the heavy lifting for you as he explains the different senses of words and also verb tenses. My only regret is that he did not do the entire New Testament. I have these in e-sword and also on another Bible study platform so I have paid twice for them. Just get them for e-sword as they are less expensive and easier to use. Often as I have studied and had my own ideas, Wuest's comments have been confirmation for me, keeping me on track. Many thanks to Estudysource for including them as premium modules!

4 stars
A forerunner of the NLT? (2/9/2017)
Reviewed by (Paul Woods, BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX, England) - This is a very readable book. I am hesitant to make a distinction between translation or paraphrase, but in view of the companion book being "Word Studies in the Greek New Testament", translation may be the more appropriate word to adopt. The presentation is in the form of verses grouped together to present their meaning in a more readable way (hence the comparison to the NLT, which is 'designed' to be read aloud) This book makes reading aloud easier as well.

4 stars
Reviewed by (Richard Stevens, Marion, Ohio, United States) - I feel it's a very accurate translation, but it's mainly for study of serious bible students.A little hard to just read it. Been using my hard copy off & on sense 1989.It's a little similar to the Amplified but more accurate I feel.It's from the same Greek text that the KJV is from. Thats a real plus.

5 stars
Helpful translation (10/15/2016)
Reviewed by (Susan Castell, Stadtlauringen, Bavaria, Germany) - This expanded translation helps with hard to understand Bible passages... Well worth the price of the download...

5 stars
God is Good and Timing is Means So Much (9/6/2016)
Reviewed by (John Lewis, Ontario, CA, US) -

I received this wonderful New Testament earlier this month, as part of The Wuest New Testament Studies Bundle. God is good because a thought popped in my head to go check this website for this specific New Testament, and I found it was on sale. In fact, I just checked, and it is still on sale. I thank God for His blessings. Wuest really did a great work for those of us not so familiar with the Greek language. I did find one thing that I cannot agree with Wuest about, and that is what he labels as the sin nature. Jesus has built His church on His identity. So then, I have not gone through this entire New Testament or the other resources included in the bundle, but thus far I have found it very useful, and I thank God for it because I wanted it so very much. I gave my hard copies to a believer some years ago, and I desired so much to have this New Testament again. God is good! Thank you for offering this resource, and thank you for making the bundle available. I thank God that He has blessed you!

5 stars
Love this site! (8/7/2016)
Reviewed by (Melanie powers, jacksonville, fl, US) - esword is one of the BEST for offering great products at a very good price. I have been with them for over 5 years and never once have I had a problem with the site or products they offer. I tell every one about esword. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for you labor of love. Melanie Powers

5 stars
Great addition to the Word Studies by Wuest (8/7/2016)
Reviewed by (David DiGennaro, Saugus, MA, US) - This is a really helpful addition to the Word Studies module by Wuest. I would definitely recommend purchasing it with Word Studies.

4 stars
Re Wuest's Expanded Translation (1/22/2016)
Reviewed by (Bob Meyers, East Wenatchee, Wa, US) - I was initially attracted to Wuest from a study of his 2 Thess. 2:1-3, where he, and he alone, I believe, gives the correct understanding (out of at least 20 Bibles I have) of 2:3. That verse is the clearest presentation of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Truth in the Bible, IMO. And therefore almost every other translation destroys it by making ho apostasia mean "a falling away" or a rebellion. But generally, it's a lot of work to study Wuest; and I have some doubts here and there as to whether he's right. His opinion certainly becomes involved to a great extent.

5 stars
Excellent (1/22/2016)
Reviewed by (Jerry Wood, West Blocton, Alabama, US) - This expanded translation gets to the heart of the original language from a conservative greek scholar.

5 stars
Weust Comm (10/20/2015)
Reviewed by (Stephen Bowman, Modesto, California, United States) - Supper great in debt love get it

5 stars
A Great Resource (10/20/2015)
Reviewed by (Mark Ryburn, Charlotte, NC, US) - Wuest's Expanded Translation goes a long way for a non-Greek Bible student to unlock all of the nuances of NT Greek. Our translators are very much limited by having to choose a single word to translate the Greek text--a limitation which this Expanded Translation overcomes. Kenneth Wuest has done Christendom a great service by producing this work.

5 stars
Thank you e-Sword (10/20/2015)
Reviewed by (Clyde Bartlett, Fort Pierce, Florida, US) - I am not a trained Biblical scholar but have had opportunities over the last several years to teach small home groups,etc.. I tried several other study programs, each of which offered some good things, but settled on e-Sword and the resources available through it as my primary study program. The ease of use and the material available has made me look much more professional and intelligent than I am although the people in the classes get to know me and that clears thing up quickly anyway. May God richly bless Rick and anyone else who have been involved in putting e-Sword together. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the true Living God.

5 stars
Great potential for insight into meaning. (7/3/2015)
Reviewed by (Steve Little, Cedar Hill, TX, US) - Have been looking into resources to help studies by better understanding the original language and meaning of the Bible. My search has led me here. Have only just started using, but it holds great promise in furthering comprehension.

5 stars
Wuest - The New Testament: An Expanded Translation for e-Sword (6/2/2015)
Reviewed by (Ram Vandereay, Handan, Hebei, China) - I have really enjoyed the expanded notes in this translation as well as the other resources that came with the bundle purchase. I live in China where the availability of products for one to study the word of God is VERY limited, as always I find the sources for e-sword to be of the greatest importance. If you're reading this comment please think about how fortunate you may be to live in a country where you can access the word of God without restrictions.

5 stars
Extraordinary!! (6/2/2015)
Reviewed by (Don Watson, Oklahoma City, OK, US) - An outstanding contribution to the prayerful, Spiritual interpretation and application of scripture. It needs to be in the library of every Christian.

5 stars
Hugo (6/2/2015)
Reviewed by (Omaha NE, Boston, Massachusetts, United States) - My go to resource on the New Testament. Have been using it for nearly 30 years, it is fantastic to have it available in eSword.

5 stars
Great Translation (1/21/2015)
Reviewed by (Robert Martino, Kiefer, OK, US) - So thankful for the work of Kenneth Wuest! Great tool for any Pastor!

5 stars
Great insight (1/6/2015)
Reviewed by (James Wedel, Calgary, AB, Canada) - It provides a great expansion on the text in order to help convey the meaning that can get lost when translating.

5 stars
A fresh look at the New Testament (1/6/2015)
Reviewed by (Ron Horner, Mount Gilead, NC, US) - Kenneth Wuest brings a fresh perspective of the New Testament. As a Greek Scholar associated with the famed Moody Bible Institute his conservative, yet refreshing way of describing each verse.

5 stars
Wuest NT (1/6/2015)
Reviewed by (Gene Higgins, Haddonfield, New Jersey, United States) - Wuest's expanded translation gives expression to nuances and idioms that can be overlooked in normal translations. Well worth the money!

5 stars
Fresh translation (for me) (10/29/2014)
Reviewed by (Leonard Mercer, Parrish, FL, US) - I always enjoy finding a "fresh" translation (not "transliteration") of scripture. I am reading Wuest for writing Bible studies. I use NAS and YLT so a "new" presentation (since I don't speak Greek!) opens new opportunities for the Holy Spirit to inform you of God's word. It gets you "out of a rut", so to speak, to think and express ideas in a new way. For example, where NAS say "...walk in the Spirit..", Wuest says "What are your spheres of influence?" I really enjoyed this "new perspective", especially in our "knowledge culture" where influences are coming from many different directions. Anyway, I love this translation!

5 stars
Wuest Word Studies (10/9/2014)
Reviewed by (Mike Ronk, Belton, TX, US) -

Wuest Word Studies and its companion, The New Testament: An Expanded Translation are two resources that every Bible student should consider, especially if not skilled in Greek. For example, John 21:15-17 makes no sense without recognizing that the word “love” Jesus is using is NOT the same word Peter is using. Wuest clarifies those words for the reader and the passage comes alive. Here it is: John 21:15 Wuest (15-19) “Then when they had breakfasted, Jesus says to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, do you have a love for me called out of your heart by my preciousness to you, a devotional love that impels you to sacrifice yourself for me? Do you consider me more precious and thus love me more than these ? He says to Him, Yes, Lord, as for you, you know positively that I have an emotional fondness for you. He says to him, Be feeding my little lambs. He says to him again a second time, Simon, son of Jonas, do you have a devotional love for me called out of your heart by my preciousness to you, a love that impels you to sacrifice yourself for me? He says to Him, Yes, Lord. As for you, you know positively that I have a friendly feeling for you. He says to him, Be shepherding my sheep. He says to him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, do you have a friendly feeling and affection for me? Peter was grieved that He said to him the third time, Do you have a friendly feeling and affection for me? And he said to Him, Lord, as for you, all things you know positively. "You know from experience that I have a friendly feeling and affection for you. Jesus says to him, Be feeding my sheep. Most assuredly, I am saying to you, When you were younger, you were accustomed to clothe yourself and to walk where you were desiring to walk. But when you grow old, you shall stretch out your hands, and another shall bind you around and carry you where you do not desire. And this He said, indicating by what kind of death he will glorify God. And having said this, He says to him, Be following with me.” WUEST IS WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN IT COSTS—IT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD.

5 stars
Continued Clarity (8/24/2014)
Reviewed by (Mark Marshall, Rio Rancho, N.M., US) - I have the Original (book) four-volume set by, Dr. Wuest. Its great to know and see this series has been digitized for my laptop. Now, I can continue my studies, while on the go, on the road, out of country, or in my vehicle. The clarity of GOD's Word, continues.

5 stars
Great Product (8/12/2014)
Reviewed by (Will Sherman, Harleton, Texas, US) - I already had the hardback copy of this product and greatly enjoy it. So when I found out that it was available on e-sword I had to have it. It's made it so much easier to use.

5 stars
Reviewed by (Jim Vidlak, Miami, FL, US) - Great Product. Fair price. Glad I purchased it!

5 stars
Wuest's translation of the New Testament (7/7/2014)
Reviewed by (David Heider, Amarillo, Texas, United States) - I have used Wuest's translation for many years to enhance my understanding of the New Testament, and wanted it for e-sword. I'm glad it's available now, and I still enjoy it.

5 stars
What the Greek really says (7/7/2014)
Reviewed by (John Steele, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) - I only realized after I bought it that the Wuest translation is what I've been wanting to have for years, now. Yet, Both literal and dynamic equivalent translations have to choose elements of meaning to leave out of the text, for the sake of readability. The amplified version was a great discovery, because it included all the nuances of the original Greek, though at the expense of readability, and with a lot of interpretations not directly implied from the text (the part very usefully segregated with square brackets) which said much more about what the church has done with the meaning of the text, then what the text actually says. I find in the Wuest translation a better balance. It includes what the Greek text says with a willingness to sacrifice a little bit of readability for the full nuance, without crossing the line into personal interpretation, and that is tremendously valuable to me. I'm going to be reading this translation a lot.

5 stars
Essential Module for NT Study (5/11/2014)
Reviewed by (Mark Merritt, Fiddletown, CA, United States) - I've used the print version of Dr. Wuest's expanded translation for years... Having it available as an E-Sword module is fabulous... All too often, translators compromise the richness of the Greek language to stay within the confines of word-for-word translations or limited thought-for thought... Dr. Wuest took as many words as were necessary to convey the full meaning of the text... Essential Module for Serious NT Study!!!

5 stars
Wuest - The New Testament: An Expanded Translation for e-Sword (5/11/2014)
Reviewed by (rich abrahamson, greeville, ohio, US) -

It is a pleasure doing business with you.

5 stars
fantastic translation (4/15/2014)
Reviewed by (Warren Cook, San Antonio, TX, US) - excellent translation, very expressive, first time I picked it up I saw something I'd never seen before, a significant nuance none of the other translations picked up. not for casual reading, but outstanding for study.

5 stars
Revealing (4/15/2014)
Reviewed by (David Parraga, Murcia, Murcia, Spain) - Since I heard about this translation and started using it in my study of the Bible, it has been amazing how the Word of God has opened up to me. It is a version that is easy to read and eye opening. It treats the meaning of the text in a way that brings out all the details that we so often miss in more common translations. I highly recommend it, and not just for Bible students.

4 stars
A helpful tool (4/15/2014)
Reviewed by (David Reid, Mijas, Malaga, Spain) - I have had the print version of this for several years but it was always a chore to go into another room to get it off the shelf and find the page. Now with a single click I have it instantly at hand. I guess that can be said for all E-sword resources, which is why I am a dedicated fan.

5 stars
A Fresh Commentary (4/15/2014)
Reviewed by (Byron Logman, Richland, Washington, US) - Am extremely pleased with the Wuest New Testament and Overall Bible commentaries. It is a fresh and welcome view of of the Bible, together with historical and cultural insights. These insights - both for Israel and also the interaction with other nations - serve to point out the similarities and differences resulting from different world views. This said, at times the commentary seems to project a viewpoint which is secular, not projecting God as the Author and the Inspiration of each and every passage. Though I agree the authors of the commentary must remain neutral and objective, at times I personally sense that God is put into the position of choosing the "best" practices for His chosen people from other nations' philosophies and religious practices. Bottom Line = Let him who utilizes this very good resource do so with understanding and wisdom. I highly recommend this resource to those who are both diligent and careful in their studies of God's Word.

5 stars
Wuest is the best! (11/30/2013)
Reviewed by (Paul Pickering, Clarksboro, NJ, US) -

Wuest's N.T. version is the closest to the original Greek that I have ever had the chance to read. The tense, voice and mood are right on the money, and I have been studying and translating Greek for the last seven years. It is a "must have" if you want to read what Christians read in the centuries following our Lord's death! I have a paperback version handed down to me from my dad, and now having it at my fingertips on e-sword is fantastic.

1 stars
Reviewed by (Andy Dell, Richmond, Ontario, Canada) - I heard lots about the Wuest translation as a must have, but was disappointed with the deliverance, the Greek source text used in translation. Firstly let me say, I am sure there are good things in the translation (haven't read all of it) and it would be a good commentary on some verses. However there are a couple of obstacles I had to overcome. It isn't clean search verse by verse like most of eswords features but comes in 5-11 verse increments e.g. if you look up Rom. 9:33 you will get Rom 9:30 and read through to get 33. So you can't really compare side by side like other versions. If you detest the Critical Text as a source Greek text for translation then this isn't a version you would want. I only discovered that after reading some verses missing - echoed in "Lamp in the Dark" documentary.

5 stars
Spectacular! (9/4/2013)
Reviewed by (Gene Mitchell, Lawrenceville, GA, US) - This is a great study translation of the New Testament. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about studying the Word.

3 stars
Challenging (8/18/2013)
Reviewed by (Keijo Airaksinen, Kuopio, Kuopio, Finland) - I am not native english speaking person, so it is difficult to get all the nyances in written text. I think so that this text serves better for those who are native english speaking folks. Anyway I prefer a lot of eStudySources very affordable version of this item, because other Bible software companies has priced this item quite expensive.

5 stars
Amazing Resource (7/25/2013)
Reviewed by (Joseph Ramaiah, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India) - Always been a regular user of e -sword. Without WUEST NT and word study, i feel empty. I even made a bold step to buy an iphone for this cause which is very costly in my country. Thru' WUEST study, the interpretations have come alive in my life. I thank God for e-sword, may God bless the team.

5 stars
Wuest New Testament (7/21/2013)
Reviewed by (Ginger OShea, Clayton, GA, USA) - An invaluable addition for your study! I've had the hard copy and now so appreciative to have it online. It truly does expand your understanding of the text.

5 stars
Clear Expansion of Text (5/8/2013)
Reviewed by (Norman Manzon, Kailua Kona, Hawaii, US) - Dr. Wuest's expansion of the text is very clear. However, as a non-Greek scholar, I have no way of judging on that basis. Nevertheless, I have heard from a source I trust very highly that anything that comes out of Moody Bible Institute is good, and Dr. Wuest was a professor at Moody, so I trust his rendering.

4 stars
Revie (5/8/2013)
Reviewed by (Eva De Ceukelaire, Halle, Vl-B, Belgium) - Very useful

5 stars
CLARITY (5/8/2013)

5 stars
Wuest Translation of N.T. (5/8/2013)
Reviewed by (Don Konz, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, US) - The Wuest Expanded Translation of the New Testament is an excellent resource that enables a unique view to better understand what the New Testament writers were saying. I have used this resource for years, and I am very happy it has finally become available for e-Sword.

4 stars
Interesting and worthwhile (5/8/2013)
Reviewed by (Fraser Turner, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland, UK) - Wuest's NT translation provides some valuable insights into the text. Worthwhile purchase.

5 stars
Reviewed by (Theodor Paulat, Los Lunas, NM, USA) - It installed very easy, same as all other products from eStudy Source. Paging and control is excellent on iPad mini as well as iPOD version 5. I love every module on eStudy.

5 stars
Pastor (5/8/2013)
Reviewed by (Kathleen Peck, Dunedin, Florida, United States) - The Wuest Translation gives a fresh perspective on the New Testament scriptures. If you are looking for a translation that gives the original intent, this is the one for you.

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