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Evangelical Heritage Version
The Wartburg Project
Northwestern Publishing House
PRICE:    $12.99
*Format:    e-Sword

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The Holy Bible: Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) proclaims the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Translated faithfully from the original Greek and Hebrew, the expressions, imagery, and style of the original texts are present, giving readers an enduring picture of God’s awesome love.

This translation will feel both fresh and familiar to you. The readable style of the EHV will help you understand clearly what God is saying through his Word. 

With a text that remains reliable and trustworthy, while at the same time being readable and familiar, the Holy Bible: EHV honors the heritage of the church, continuing to hand down the pure Word of God to the next generation.

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Special Features:

- Offers a balanced translation, suitable for all-purpose use in the church
- Seeks a balance between literal and dynamic equivalent theories of translation

The Wartburg Project is an association of Lutheran professors, pastors, teachers, and laypeople who worked together to produce this new translation of the Bible.

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Evangelical Heritage Version

5 stars
A Good Backup to my Favorite. (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Louis Adendorff, Williamsburg, VA) - Evangelical Heritage Version

I enjoy reading the scriptures from different points of view. I use this version (which is excellent) as a supplement to other versions such as the Amplified Version. The purpose is to provide a more complete picture of what the Lord may be trying to say to me through these scriptures. The Evangelical Heritage Version does this very well.

3 stars
Review (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Elton Nelson, Turlock, CA) - Evangelical Heritage Version

It downloaded fine. But I did not find the notes making reference to the Old Testament in the New Testament or other notes. It does look like a good translation.

5 stars
It's a good read. (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (David Roupe, Lexington, South Carolina) - Evangelical Heritage Version

I am always looking for an easy to read version of the scriptures that is true to the text. While still early, I have found the EHV to be a very readable translation while maintaining the integrity of the original language.

4 stars
My main two versions I use are the ESV and NKJV. I (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Herbert Edgerton, Tazewell, VA) - Evangelical Heritage Version

My main two versions I use are the ESV and NKJV. I use other translations as a sort of commentary on the two above translations. I do like this new version as it is easy to read and understand. I have used this new translation in posting Scripture on FB in some messages I have posted there.

5 stars
Nice easy to read bible (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Derrick Ford, Waldorf, MD) - Evangelical Heritage Version

The EHV is a good translation - easy to understand. I like it very much. Its now one of my go to Bibles.

5 stars
I have used this version some. It seems very good (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (David Carpenter, Florence, AL) - Evangelical Heritage Version

I have used this version some. It seems very good so far.

5 stars
Very Easy to Read (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Marcia McCance, Stanley, NC) - Evangelical Heritage Version

I must preface my review with the fact that I love to read the KJV... so this one seemed, at first, as if I was reading a first grade reading book. Since that was my first impression, I simply set it aside after reading the verses that I use to test every Bible I check out (John 1:1-5). Sometimes reading in modern English seems to me to, somehow, make the content "trivial." It looses its majesty. But when I got the request to do this review in my e-mail, I took it out again and read through it. This time it simply seemed to be a very plain and easy to understand version of what I like to read. It no longer seemed trivial to me, but only seemed "simple," which means very easy to read. Now, I have not read much in it, but it seems to me that any person who is troubled by the KJV, or some other versions will find this one to be simple and straight forward. So I say -- thank you for all those whose hearts will be touched with the power of the Word of God by it.

5 stars
Doesn't Pander to Feminism (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Lee Gordon, Des Moines, Iowa) - Evangelical Heritage Version

It's so nice to read a modern translation that doesn't cower or pander to egalitarian or feminist views. That alone makes it worth it to me.

5 stars
Above all, readable (1/3/2022)
Reviewed by (Patricio Kelly, CABA, Province, Argentina) - Evangelical Heritage Version

One thing is outstanding in this version: it draws you to continue reading it. It is so friendly, that you don't want to stop reading it. It all sounds familiar, trustable, and filled with love. It is a real joy to read it.


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